Wheel Brightz and Tangle Nightball

Spring Top Toy Review: Tangle NightBall and Wheel Brightz

Spring has finally arrived, and at Learning Express Toys we could not think of a better way to celebrate than to announce more of our 2014 Spring Top Toys! Now that the nice weather is upon us, it’s time to send those kiddos out the door and let them play in the fresh air. Because, after all, nothing makes up for four months of the winter blues like a nice dose of sunshine and physical activity. This week we are featuring two amazing light-up toys that take outdoor play to a whole new level; the Tangle Matrix NightBall and Wheel Brightz are sure to make any child excited for play, night and day!

Tangle Matrix NightBall Football

Tangle nightball light-up footballWhy play with a boring old pigskin football when you could send a light-up NightBall spiraling through the sky? That’s right, the Tangle Matrix NightBall actually glows-in-the-dark, and the best part is that the more you throw, the more it glows. This football has a built-in LED light that won’t wear out so you never need to stop playing to refill batteries. The light will shine when the ball is thrown, caught, and spiraling through the air and it’s bright enough to be seen on a pitch black night, allowing you to keep the fun going after dark.

This toy is built for more than just the backyard or neighborhood park; the Matrix NightBall is waterproof and even floats in the water, making it perfect for pool parties and a day at the beach. The rubber used to make the football is soft enough that it won’t hurt the person catching it and so lightweight that it’s easy to send soaring through the air. Smaller than a regulation size football, the Tangle NightBall is easy to bring on the go; kids will love taking it with them on vacation and to sleepovers.

Wheel Brightz

Wheel BrightzDo you remember attaching trading cards to the spokes of your bike wheels as a kid to create that cool racecar sound? Well, now kids can go to the next level and light up their bikes with Wheel Brightz. Each package comes with one string of 20 diamond bright LED lights and mounting ties to help you easily secure the lights to any bike wheel measuring 20 inches or more. The lights come in an assortment of colors including blue, green, red, pink—there’s something for everyone.

Wheel Brightz stay lit both while pedaling and at rest; don’t worry about going through puddles, they’re completely waterproof. Kids will love riding around the driveway or neighborhood with their flashy spokes and parents can feel comfortable knowing that their children are safe and easy to spot in the dark.

Welcome spring with these fun, light-up products, and give your kids a reason to stay outside and enjoy the weather! Stay tuned for more Spring Top Toy Reviews from Learning Express Toys.