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Toy Review: Get Wired and Rainbow Loom Jewelry Kits

Happy February, Learning Express readers! This week I got to dive into two incredibly unique jewelry-making kits. By my side were friends of our family, sisters Anna, 11, and Megan, 9. I chose these sisters to test drive the jewelry kits because these gals know a thing or two about jewelry making. They have a craft room that’s as well stocked as any Joann Fabrics, and creating beautiful jewelry is high on their list of favorite activities.

We had a ball, gabbing away and spinning and weaving one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces. The  experience brought me straight back to the wonderful days of Girl Scout camping, which is sadly the last time I remember making any jewelry. I have such fond memories of staying up ‘til all

hours of the night, tying knot after knot of friendship bracelets or weaving lanyards by a crackling fire, bonding with my friends.

There’s something so wonderful about getting together with your best girls and creating jewelry to share and trade. As much as I adore my wild boys, I find myself feeling just a wee bit sad that they’d probably never want to partake in the evening of jewelry making the way Anna and Megan did. Nope, it’s probably monster trucks and baseball as far as the eye can see. But, alas, I digress.  Back to the toy reviews!


Get Wired by the Orb Factory
Get Wired Unboxing

With more and more households ditching their landlines in favor of cell phones, there’s a lot of extra telephone wire out there. The folks at the Orb Factory figured out a way to put all that extra material to good use: enter the Get Wired jewelry-making kit.Each kit contains a special coiling tool designed to wind up telephone wire into unique, modern looking jewelry. And, if you’ll recall from a time that your old phone jack ever needed repair, telephone wire comes in all manner of vibrant colors.

Anna and Megan got straight to work winding away, without actually even reading the directions. Rather, helpful pictures accompany the pamphlet, and that was enough for the girls to figure out the coiling tool.

One of the best parts about using the coiling tool is that if you make a mistake, it is simple to back track, smooth out your wire, and fix your mistake. Also, the girls appreciated the fact that the coiling tool

comes with suction cups to stick it firmly to the table. That helps to ensure a tighter, more professional looking coil.

Both girls were really excited by the unique material. “I’ve made a lot of jewelry, but I’ve never used telephone wire before!” remarked Anna. “Yes, this is really cool. I can’t wait to show my friends!” agreed Megan.

I noticed that if one cared to actually read the directions, one would find that the kit offers a wide range of winding techniques – from the basic ones Anna and Megan first employed to the much more intricate. As I’ve said during other toy reviews, I appreciate this so much. If you are going to spend money on a product, why not get one that will grow along with your child? Get Wired Process

Also, the kit is quite comprehensive, which is another plus. It contains an ample supply of wire, jump rings and clasps, earring hooks, beads, and elastic string. The girls had everything they needed short of a pair of scissors to make their funky creations.

And what happens when you run out of telephone wire? We compared the wire from the kits with the wire in the kitchen phone jack. Sure enough, it is the exact same thing. A quick call to our local hardware store revealed that telephone wire will run you 33 cents for a foot-long bundle of 6 different colors. Cheap, easy, and surprisingly beautiful – what could be better?


Rainbow Loom by Choon’s Design 

The folks at Choon’s Design created an ingenious little loom that weaves small, colorful rubber bands into fabulously groovy bracelets.

Rainbow Loom ProcessThe kit actually comes equipped with two separate looms. The first is a board with pegs sticking up. You weave the rubber bands into various patterns ranging from simple to complex, depending on your skill level. When you lift up the rubber bands from the board, they contract and form a bracelet. The second loom is a miniature hand loom that you maneuver kind of like a crochet hook to weave ordinary rubber bands into extraordinary creations.

“This is just so addicting,” explained Anna with a smile, as she secured each rubber band in place over the proper peg.

“I love the way the bracelets look, and they’re also really comfortable!” chimed in Megan, as she admired her first Rainbow Loom work of art.

Rainbow Loom BraceletThe three of us noticed that the little c-clasps provided for the bracelets are also really clever. They are simple and clean and blend right into the jewelry. Another positive is the fact that there is a wide range of patterns for the looms – from novice to advanced. So, this product also has that great longevity factor. The girls were able to figure out the basic weaving patterns easily from the included directions. However, for more complex varieties, we agreed that the videos provided on the manufacturer’s website were even more helpful.

The kit contains an overly ample supply of rubber bands, but all sorts of color varieties are available at Learning Express stores when you run out. Another smart product that takes inexpensive, readily available materials and offers a fun way to transform them into unique, wearable works of art! Crafty girls everywhere will adore both the Get Wired and the Rainbow Loom jewelry kits.

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jenny says:

omg rainbow loom has been my adiction i love rainbow loom and is really fun to do !!!!

jenny says:


Lavern Bernard says:

I love rainbow loom!!!! it is VERY popular and the kids love it I am going to buy my daughter Amanda some because there are girls in her class and she says she loves them so I am getting her some tomorrow you guys are close to my job and I have to go to work tomorrow so I am going to drop myself there tomorrow :)

Rachel :) says:

I love the rainbow loom its a great thing to do when your bored. I cant wait to get more rubber bands and make more! Love u learning express! :) <3

ann says:

how much is it

jj says:

how much is it I really want seems like it is very cool from what think it is the best thing to do when your bored I love the colors that come with the kit I am planning to get one this week as soon as I get money

Hunter says:

I luv rainbow loom!! I have 55 bracelets already!

Ash ash says:

That is so cool. I am getting the kit today and my friends have already made me 4

oriana says:

Rainbow loom is awesome!!!!! :-)

Mya says:

Raindow loom is the best I love it. I use it all the time.I love u so much Learning Express

cassandra says:

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Rainbow loom!all over school! Getting it today!

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gabriella zindars says:

when i was trying to make a double rhombus, when i pulled it out i saw that it was a braclet i never made

amanda says:

i luv rainbow loom!

la'keecia says:

i love rainbow loom so fun to make ,,❤

Anna says:

the rainbow loom is so much easier!!!!! :-{)

Mayah says:

I wish I had rainbow loom

Mayah says:

im going to ask my dad to get me one today. my friend Anna maid me 5 already. i cant wait to make my own bracelets

Esther says:

I love rainbow loom me and my friends sell them for fifty cents each at my scool. And we recived fiffteen bucks in one day talk about buisness

Rachael says:

I’m getting one tonight or tomorrow night

ASHLYN says:

i love rainbow looms they are awesome I first heard about them from my friend across the street.i fell in love with them I have made 14 all ready by hand because my sister broke it and it was easy. I recommend this because its easy to use and fun

Sharon says:

How much does it cost? I can’t find it on the website?

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it is like the most popular thing to ever come to our world!

sophie shafer says:

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chrissy says:

cool that sounds so fun to do and make.

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Learning Express says:

Here is some info about the inventor.

Delania says:

Rainbow loom is the best it is so fun.