Expert Rainbow Loom projects

LExpert Rainbow Loom Designs

Hooray, you made it! So far you’ve proven yourself as a skilled loomatic, but are you ready to challenge yourself even further? This level has advanced Rainbow Loom designs that will truly test your creativity.

Feel free to explore different ways to use each pattern and check out our Customer Creations page to see what other loomatics have invented; you can even find out how to submit your own creation!

Need another Rainbow Loom?

Expert Level Individual Designs

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tyler stewart says:

love you guys

Autumn says:

what do you love rainbow loom or learning express

Jill says:

The rainbow loom defently

rainy loomes says:

rainbow loom of chores but learning express has good things too

katy says:

rainbow loom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella Rollins says:

I love rain now lom

Ella Rollins says:

I mean I love rainbow loom

Zo says:

DEFINETELY rainbow loom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lana says:

It’s fun to do I go on you tube to learn!

Kaitlyn says:

The rainbow loom is amazing I love going on youtube, i like to teach myself too.

Hannah says:

Rainbow loom!!!

The REAL Tyler Stewart says:

Love you guys!

The REAL Tyler Stewart says:

Love you guys… FOR REAL!

Kaylee says:

RAINBOW LOOM! It is the best! O-O!

Allie says:


kym risse says:

Wow that is cool. Send me a e-mail about learnig express rainbow loom lessons. Thank you

Autumn says:

i love rainbow loom and i love making up new ideas on my own and hope to show the store sometime and youput them on the levels because they are really cool and i think you will like them a lot i even msde a keychain and a starburst ring.

Molly ⚽️ says:

Me to. I’ve made a starburst ring isn’t that cool

David says:

I made the starburst ring to isn’t cool

Zo says:

One time I made a bracelet I created a new stitch called the popcorn stitch because it’s puffy like popcorn

Theawesomefamliy says:


Molly ⚽️ says:

Love rainbow loom. You should make more cards cause I’ve finished all of them.

skylar says:

i made a giant bracelete it goes all the way up my arm and plus look up mr rainbowloom creation the one with the big bracelete is mine

zoey says:

Can you please pick me to win the rainbow loom i dont have one but my sister does

aubrey says:

i tried the starbust,zig zag,and the heart bacelet


I seriously love this thing!
As well as developing a taste for colors, it develops a good brain.

Samantha says:

I am on all levels! These are so fun to make =D

Rainbowloomexpert says:

I’m in luv rainbow loom and I’m proud to say I’m a expert

Christian says:

Really cool

Harmony says:


Zman says:

I’m addicted to Rainbow Loom

Hannah says:

I got this stuff

Zachary says:

Im addicted to rainbow loom

Zachary says:

R.L.R rainbow loom rocks

Cecilia manna says:

I is so fun

Ciara Mitchell says:

I like the hexafish

the rainbow loom adict says:

Me too!!!!!!!! so fun ! thanks rainbow loom!!

Trevor says:


Flowers says:

I want more patterns

Ally engel says:

We love you your the best

Ally engel says:

You have a great store

Emily says:

I will recomand the starburst. Soon hard though

Marlow says:

SUPER excited- getting one tomorrow.
Any tips, guys??

TheRAINBOWLOOM luva says:

I don’t understand why don’t they have the hexafish????? I want to impress my aunt BIG TIME

katkit says:

this is so EASY!

becky says:

my kids love rainbow loom and need to learn to make more kinds of bracelets…..

becky says:


jane Chetlin says:

well i love rainbow loom 100% missey

Bri says:

This helped me learn more bracelets so i can make more for family and friends.
Thank you!

Erin says:

I just learned the cobra. Its a fun and tough bracelet

Alijahfrancois says:

You guys are awesome

Elizabeth says:

can you make more complicated bracelets that only use one loom ?

Josh Peters says:

You Mean Like A Hexafish?

drelana says:

you should try to make it harder I am past all of these even making my own

Learning Express says:

We have released an entire new series of rainbow loom designs to keep you going!

Ava says:

I love the bracelets

Ava says:

love the rainbow loon!LOL


PAYPAY says:

Ava and me are making our first turtle charms! So excited!

Katherine says:

I passed all the levels and I love the honeycomb

andy says:

i did all of these and it wasnt hard

Henry says:

This is awesome

Kaitlyn Gamble says:

so easy

alex says:

they should put the hexafish but yay

Hanna says:

I have made a few for my friends and use them as grippies on their pencil

Ana says:

omg!!! I love RL soo much! I cant wait, my mom promised me a trip to the learning express for my good report card and im so excited to buy new bands!! I <3 RAINBOW LOOM


I love rainbow loam, LOVE ITT

Braydon says:

I know how to make all of them

Tori Thomas says:

i love rainbow looms i wear like 20 bracelets,2 rings every day! i even have star war layla loom keychain. love rainbow looms!

linda says:

I love rainbow loom good job how do you do that

linda says:

omg for me its beautiful I looked in youtube made from mom and I learned

Avery says:

I have compleated 5 of the brastlets on this page

awesome says:

Rainbow loom is awesome!

Jade Moore says:

I love rainbow loom it’s awsome

Hanna says:

I made one of my own designs by messing around but, I can’t figure out how to make it again!!! :(

mary says:

i have made some other kinds of bracelets

Fernamda C. says:

I’ve completed all of these bracelets. I love the Rainbow Loom!! So far I’ve made three headbands: An inverted fishtail headband, a hibiscus flower headband, and a rainbow bloom charm headband. I’ve also made tons of bracelets.


i love rainbow loom i have all of the colers love learning express

Mariana says:

This is not difficult at all I already did them all they are in the begginer level for me!!!!!

johana says:

It is Awsome I passed all the levels

Ashley hall says:

Fun loom braclets are so cool and awesome my mom got me one and hid it in my closet but I now it is there

Lover says:

Don’t you think rainbow loom is relly cool

mary says:

i just LOVE rainbow loom so MUCH!

mayagrace234 says:


aaliyah wilson says:

these are easy

bobette says:

these are sups easy i learned them the day i got my loom PUT SOME HARDER ONES UP THERE!!!!!

kainen says:

I dont know anything about rainbow loombut my daughter wants a “four row” ??? Where do i buy this at? She already has a three row.

Learning Express says:

Kainen, to create a “four row” you need to buy another 3 row rainbow loom kit. The rows are modular and can be taken apart and re-assembled, so with a second loom you can remove one row and add it to your other loom to create a “four row”. We’ve heard of people using as many as 7 kits to assemble large looms for extreme bracelets! Don’t worry, I think your daughter will be content with a four row, at least for a while! :)

Zykeria Hunthamilton says:


livy loo hooting says:

WOW you are reallygood!



Autumn says:

Like u guys
Rainbow loom is such a great activity



Natasha says:

I want to do StarBurst…
too bad im using school macbook…
youtube blocked,
why miley?
her video blocked it!

Trinity Higgins says:

Wow!!! Rainbow loom is a really big success!!! I absolutely love making the bracelets!!! Luv ya!

allison collins says:

if anyone needs a starburst bracelet I can makeone for all of you

brody belanger says:

more bracelets, more!

kennedy says:


ali says:

ranbow loom are asome becouse thay are so cool

Bobette says:

these r soooooo easy

abby says:

i love the Rainbow loom it is so fun to us and to keep my kids aqupide and they are not are loud (to be shore i am talking about my kids)

Zoe says:

Learning is the head quarters of fun and joy. My firend Parker and I love your corperation.

Veronica says:

Yeah I think these are pretty easy

Stampylonghead says:

So do i

Single triple / waterfall says:

I love making these things there awesome!

allison collins says:

i love rainbow loom it is awsome

Stampylonghead says:

Yep I prefer doing wide ones but I don’t have another loom to do longer and wider ones

Michelle Blackburn says:


Alie says:

I was able to make a cobra that is a bracelet that is very hard

Victoria says:

Amazing this helped me ALOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cutesy24 says:

i love learning expresss awesome

Fran says:


domaneek says:

Um no fran they are not hard at all now put ya mind to it n work at im 12 years old And only messed up once you know when the first time

Stampylonghead says:

This are easy

anjola says:

wow thats cool!

Jenni sisay says:

OMG I love the rainbow loom. I just love it love it love it OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Michelle Hinesley says:

Oh my Gosh! I do to. I go to year round school which means every 6 weeks I go I get 3 weeks off and during those 3 weeks I have a lot of free time with nothing to do and this keeps me from being bored! And the thing i love most about rainbow loom bracelets is that there all unique in there own way by there design or even just the colors included in making the bracelets! All I know is this is the perfect gift for girls who has a lot of free time and loves making there own crafts!

Heather Michelle Hinesley says:

This website was very helpful to me in my opinion because I am a loomer and today I have been out of ideas for bracelets to make and this website gave me a lot of ideas!!! Thank you Learning Express for making this website for loomers!

Amanda says:

I love rainbow loom

domaneek says:

I loge rainbow loom too

mary viso says:

Good site. Please me all new designs.

Mrs.Tomlinson says:

I had this for a while do it a lot but my things turn out very bad

domaneek says:

Well ometimes you gotta put your mind to it im 12 years old Android iv only messed up once the first try

Natalie Gomes says:

rainbow loom duh but learning express is not bad

Jackson Foglia says:

Rainbow loom is the best design ever isn’t it

Starburst says:

the starburst should be advanced not expert I did it a week or two after I got my loom and I had never heard of Rainbow Loom.

Rainbow Loom is my favorite thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

jimmy says:

this is the coolest site ever so maney awsome designs

the rainbow loom adict says:

I made the flower charm one. I wasn’t that hard.

the rainbow loom adict says:

WE WANT MORE!!!! more! more! more! more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RAINBOW LOOM MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

I love rainbow loom

Taylor says:

No I’m the rainbow loom master!!!!!!!:)

Julia Dziekan says:

I have a huge case that can fit everything that I need to do rainbow loom

Cindy says:

I love rainbow loom!!!!! I just wish there were more cool designs to do :)

Taylor says:

I agree!!!!!:)

daniela says:

I love rainbow loom it is really worth all the money . ! :-) !!! !!!!! , !! :- :-)

daniela says:

I love rainbow loom even though it is sometimes hard and I and just medium :-)

Zo says:

I NEVER got 2 finish ANY of my hexafishes!!!!!!!!!!

Makayla says:

I kind of just put bands and cap bands on and I think I created it and I want to know if I created it

Charlotte says:

YAY im an LExpert

nicholas poirier says:

you guys make the best braclets ever you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor says:

These bracelets are so cool!!!!!!!:)

Madelyn Lee says:

I love rainbow loom I have two looms, an organizer, a loomatics guide, and a plastic bag filled with over 10,000 rubber bands!

Allie says:

These are some really cool everyone you should try them

Allie says:

These are some really cool everyone you should try them they are cool

Maddie says:

I have been doing rainbow loom for 4 years im the beast

Maddie says:

I love your rainbow loom

Ella Rollins says:

Sadly I don’t have two looms for the double dimond

domaneek says:

I love rainbow loom i think it is so neat what you can do on the loom

Domaneek Jones says:

I make some

Mendoza says:

U guys r the best♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

Mendoza says:

U guys r the best♡♥

Arsalan Baig says:

These are very good and challenging

Olivia says:

I love Rainbow Loom so much! This is how it goes when I come home from school. I come home, do my homework, sit down and do Rainbow Loom until its time to go to bed! Yes, I am kind of obsessed! :)

kyleeellinwood says:

i love rainbow loom

Thomas says:

ikr (i know right)

Rachel Ray says:

What else can you make? Can you make a warrior, or a raindrop? Can you make all of the kinds of bands people has made

Jack says:

Expert? Seems more like intermediate

Jackson S. says:

I know I made a *phone case* witch was “hard” but I found it easy

SAIGE says:

I love the rainbow loom because it is very high quality and the hook dose not break easily

SAIGE says:

Can u make a dragon scale

Thomas says:


kara says:

i love rainbow loom i made the starburst rock candy stainded glas zippy chain candy twist and pom pom.

kara says:

i love rainbow loom i made the starburst rock candy stainded glas zippy chain candy twist and pom pom.

yay im a lexpert i made about 15 rainbow loom bracelets.

Viawesomness says:

Wow preety sure

Lover of rainbow loom says:

I’ve already done all of these and if you ask me, they are soooo easy. How about the reeeaaaly hard ones like sailors pinstripe?

girlygirl says:

I’ve made some of these before

Miss cover says:

These are so easy

Aaron says:

I love rainbow loom and I’m doing a sale for rainbow loom for charity and I could really use this

brooke says:

you should try the starburst advance