Rainbow Loom projects for beginners

Beginner Rainbow Loom Designs

Welcome loomatic-in-training!

Now that you’re here, let’s get started. Below you will find 10 basic bracelet patterns that are designed to get your fingers moving and rev up your imagination. Remember to have fun playing around with different colored bands to show off your personality!

Are you new to looming? No worries, take your time completing all 10 beginner designs and before you know it you’ll be on to intermediate in no time! Follow along with how-to videos and get a more detailed play-by-play with The Loomatic’s Interactive Guide to The Rainbow Loom written by one of our most creative store owners, Suzanne Peterson!

Do you still need a loom?

Beginner Level Individual Bracelets

The Rainbow Loom Single Chain bracelet design

Single Chain Bracelet

Let’s see how you do on this one! Watch this demo for tips and follow along on page 16.

The Rainbow Loom DoubleSingleChain bracelet design

Double Single Chain Bracelet

Almost there! Check out this video and keep up the good work.

The Rainbow Loom Spiral Bracelet design

Spiral Bracelet

Careful not to spiral out of control, view this video for tips and follow along on page 34.

The Rainbow Loom Triangle Bracelet Design

Triangle Bracelet

Ready to take it up a notch? Look here for a guide and follow along on page 28.

The Rainbow Loom Fishtail bracelet design design

Fishtail Bracelet

You don’t have to be a good swimmer for this one, just watch the demo.

The Rainbow Loom Honeycomb bracelet design

Honeycomb Bracelet

Since you’re such a worker bee, try this pattern out! Here’s a video example and you can follow along on page 24.

The Rainbow Loom Rhombus bracelet design

Rhombus Bracelet

Up for some geometry? See how it’s done in this video and follow along on page 26.

The Rainbow Loom DoubleTripleSingle design

Double Triple Single Bracelet

You’re doing so well! Look at this guide and see if you can master this one.

The Rainbow Loom Triple Single Bracelet design

Triple Single Bracelet

Get started on this fun and easy design by watching this how-to video and follow along on page 38.

The Rainbow Loom BeadLadder bracelet design

Bead Ladder Bracelet

Let’s add some extra pizazz, shall we! Watch this and Find out how to incorporate beads and follow along on page 36.

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taylona says:

i luv them even though some are hard take long on. when my boyfrind drives me up to penn state 4 collage i do braclets so entertaing

Nadia says:

wow your smart
thats my future college

Avril Beesley says:


amber says:

guess what i just made a charm braclet that has a soda, lip ,bears face , cross , candy cane it looks really cool

daivik says:

put the photo of that band

Dean says:

It’s really hard but Awesome! ;)

jasy says:

I think that’s cool you should do it more so you can get faster and you can get better at it.

Keep Trying

caitlin says:

that is so cool

imman says:

you said nice i’ll tell it’s really awesome

chloe says:

Wow thats awesome i dont know how to Do that

Lily says:

i go to harvard but i feel like i’m dumb

Marie says:

Thanks! These are really fun to make! Stylish! Lots of people are wearing these(even boys). Anyways, thanks for showing me how, i didn’t really understand we instructions but, they are really fun! Love them! Trendy! Cute! Fab! I made like 7/12 fishtale and like 5/12 single chain, still learning! Bye!!!!!

Gillian says:

I LOVE rainbow loom! It’s the best. I’m thinking
about making a wallet. I watched a video about
how to make a pencil grip. It takes a LONG time!
It’s really easy, though.

margaret says:

still learing

Teddy says:


olivia says:

that is cool

Caitlin says:

Nice bracelet

Lauren says:

I ❤️(love) rainbow loom!!!!! It rocks:) even though I’m not the craftiest person they are addicting and easy to make! The videos are way better than pictures and instructions too:)

Brie says:

I like rainbow loom the best.You can create tons of designs.there are lots of movements in rainbow loom especially the hex a fish and triple single

Mira says:

You guys make me feel like your rainbow loom employees that are trying to give it a good word

Kitty girl says:

exact;y i dont really do crafting but these are so addicting and fun

Nicole Fields says:

We’ll guess what made a huge purse but my mom had to but like 20 packets of rubber bands I make the huge purse and btw u can put my iPad in it too my iPad 4

Olivia says:

I love all of the colors of the bands and the loom to

Mary E. says:

rainbow looms awesome



Maelee Claycomb says:

I love the bracelets but some of them are kind of hard but i also love how they go step by step on the braceles and also try to make the starburst bracelets on tha crazy loom its hard but i is easier on the rainbow loom!!!!!

cecilia rosa says:

I love all rainbow loom cluB

Emma says:

The honey comb bracelet is to hard

xavier says:

Honey comb bracelet is so cool thank you

sedona says:

The honey comb i s eaaaaassy!
U guys, I love the double triple its easy!

Katherine says:

honeycomb is so easy

Victoria says:

I thought the same thing about the ‘FishTail’ Bracelet Emma & I nearly gave up on it until I went onto youtube and watched how to do it, Now I can make ‘Fishtail’ with my eyes closed, don’t give up you’ll get their.

brittany says:

i love them

jennifer says:

One loom is not big engouh to make an adult bracelet. anyone know if you can but looms seperate fromt he kits

Learning Express says:

Jennifer, you can transfer your bracelet off the loom, from the last pegs back to the first pegs, then restart looming to make it twice as large. You can repeat this transfer over and over to create very long necklaces or even jumpropes. You should only need to transfer once for a standard adult sized bracelet. Enjoy!

ian says:

yay! im learning its been a month

KATIE says:

Show us more design.

Isabella Scicchitano says:

I looooove rainbow loom! It is so easy and fun! I will never stop making them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren says:

I will never stop rainbowlooming

laura says:

give me the starburst

YOLO Y. says:

I love the Rainbow loom set but i wish there was more WRITTEN instructions.

Helen Luvs RAINBOW LOOM says:

me to but in reality you can just look up how to do it on learning express website

Amruta says:

I know and all these instructions. And this sight helped me alot

Helen Luvs RAINBOW LOOM says:

I love rainbow loom some companys copy rainbow loom and turn it into crazy loom and fun loom but rainbow loom is better

Theresa says:

This is a little bit helpful

Theresa says:

Hi there Theresa I think crazy loom complete copied rainbow loom but rainbow loom is way better

Monique says:

I love Rainbow Loom, these tutorials are so much help!
You should put advaced level bracelets cause i know all of these

papa says:

There are advanced bracelets

Darla says:

Thank you for all the instructional videos.
I am enjoying all of the beautiful creations.
Keep up the great work.

kelley says:

this is my frist time making a rainbow braclets

Amruta says:

Kelley, Hope you had fun learning

Olivia says:

I love doing these bracelets. My favorite one is the fishtail on the loom. If you want a challenge try the starburst.

Emily says:

This is awesome never gets old


Can somebody help me I really need help on the LIBERTY TWIST, STARBURST and ZIPPY CHAIN. I know amAshley Steph is pretty good at the rainbow loom vids it would help if she could make lots more i really like the videos I need a liberty twist bracket vid from her if there isn’t one already thanks

Learning Express says:

The liberty twist and starburst are in our original expert level. The zippy chain is in our original intermediate level. After you’ve learned all of our original expert bracelets, you can begin the new Sports Levels.

Fran says:


crystal says:

awsome, thankyou so much

Jonda Dansare says:

thank you for this video it really helps me understand what to do.

Annabel says:

I LOVE Rainbow loom! It is so entertaining!

victoria says:

<3 it

Gaby says:

Omg those I love I making them all

joshua says:

i love rainbow loom it has difffrent coloar that i like but the only thing is that some people dont know how to make it

Sofia says:

I am addicted to rainbow loom I love it! Try a minion bracelet it’s adorable! Look it up on YouTube!

heather says:

Found this and also heard there are a ton on instruction videos on You tube…I have her loom and am buying extra bands and a storage kit for her Christmas.

Graci says:

I love it so much

Alyssa says:

There awesome!

Rainbow loom rules says:

I’m officially intermediate :)

Pam says:

I just got the kit today and I know how to make a single and a fishtail even know its for girls boys like it to.

Katie says:

Wow now I know how to make all of those!!!So happy thanks!!!!!

Ben says:

They are awsome I love them thank u for whoever made them

Ben says:

:) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Zorah says:

Awesome and creative idea



Dalia Breyamblebush says:

Honeycombs are the best you explained it well

Samuel says:

I want to learn how to make a spiral bracelet please!Yours is awesome

Isabella says:

rainbow loom is awesome I love it

Charles F. says:

but they are cool

linda says:

i know right they are so cool and i know how to make them all

Julia says:

Me too I can make them all

Kate says:

I created a double helix!

Kate says:

I designed a double helix!!=>

Julia says:

Hay what’s up?i just created my own thing!!!!!!!

jalisa smith says:

i love it

Nicole says:

I like the rainbow loom

Ally engel says:

Rainbow loom is the best me and my sister can’t stop looming and are mom

Ashlyn says:


Jake Placencia says:

your videos are really helpful. Raibow Loom ROCKS! Thanks Learning Express

shirldine Taylor says:

I love it my granddaughter likes
wearing them thanks rainbow loom

Brendan says:

I’m a boy and I love the rainbow loom.
My favorite is a fish tail it’s so easy

Ashley says:

I LUV rainbow loom it’s the best I’m gettin my kit today

Julia says:

I love rainbow loom it is awesome I made a triple single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olivia says:

I love the ladder!! It is a small challenge but it is worth it! Big Time!!

Chloe says:

Just finished ladder and came out great. it took me three tries, though.

RobertoClemente says:

The ladder is so easy my friend made one that’s harder, and she is seven. You put everything on like a triple single then you add another set of bands, it’s not like the double triple Single though, and you just pull them up

Chloe says:

Just got my kit today and am obsessed. i already have, like 12 bracelets! this is so easy and fun!

Jill says:

I love rainbow loom

Julia says:

I love rainbow loom,and making them:)

RainbowLoomLover says:

I love the Rainbow loom. I have many favorite bracelets that I love to make. They are so easy to make (most), and so fun. Rainbow Loom is really the only thing I do in my free time. I take my supplies everywhere I go. Depending on how much I have, I can make tons. My friends love to make them, and I love inspiring people to make them.

Jennifer says:

It is so hard to make the rainbow loom starburst how hard can it be

nutan says:

It is not that hard just watch the video

Logan says:

Well, The Starburst was the first one I made and it was kind of difficult. I used YouTube videos to help me.

naty says:

i love rainbow loom

holly says:

they are so easy just need to turn them in
they take five minutes or less for me! :) ;p

holly says:

every braclet is sooooo easy so far

nutan says:

I love rainbow loom

Pagui says:

Almost done just need the last bead ladder one. The rest was so easy to do although they seemed hard to do.

Sophie says:

Cool who came up with them?

Kaitlyn Gamble says:

I love them so much

chrissy says:

i want to win i love rainbow loom.

Brianna says:

It is too fun!!!!!!

Brianna says:

I am learning how to do the fishtail . I think the fishtail is a little bit tricky.

Lauren says:

I love rainbow loom I make so many braclets and they turn out amazing

keith says:

Rambow loom is cool!!!!!! I made the tipple single easy I thort it would be hard

Fallon the rainbow loom lover!! says:

My daughter loves them!!! She has all of the colors and charms!! I wold say shes obsessed!!!

Christina says:

I hope this will be cool

Rainbow Loom Rules Girl says:

Show us how to make rainbow loom tote bags!

Jana says:

I love it

Braydon says:

Easy the regular took like 5 seconds

Akur says:

Love rainbow loom so much made all of them

Blair Bubbles says:

This is amazing at first I didn’t know two of these braclets

Parker says:

Rainbow Loom is such a good idea. I use so much of my time using it. I am now an expert loomer, and I love doing it. Bye!

Kimora says:


Kylie says:

AWESOME! Some are hard some are easy but all are entertaining!

anaum says:


Kiana says:

I love them and designing them. They are so adorable.

mandy says:

they are fun to make if i i had the rainbow loom

mandy says:

most all of them are my favorite THE BEST ONE IS THE DOUBLE TRIPLE SINGLE

Justine Chin says:

I luv this thing ! Spend lots of time on this!

molly says:

i can make all the bracelets

olivia says:

I Love the bracelets

heni soni says:

girl you right

olivia says:

My daughter LOVES them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kailey says:

The starburst is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren says:

Yeah the starburst is pretty easy

Zoe says:

This is the new trend

Lauren says:

I love rainbow loom it is my dream to ever finish a hexa fish. They are
easy to make except the end.

Rylee says:

Actually they are. You just need to practice it some more and your bracelet will AWESOME!!!:)

elena says:

these are all so easy :P

kaeli says:

i love these things they are the funest things forever my kids love them for style swag hipsters they make me the cutest bracelets my child came up to me and showed me a bead ladder bracelet and im like OMG that is so cute girl i luv u and thats my commen

Ayanna Mazzei says:

I love the kit

Rylee says:

I love these patterns! So cute! But there a little to easy. I’m definitely advanced though.

Scott says:

My little sister who was one was playing with her loom bracelet today when she was sopose to be alsleep and I walked over to her play table in her bedroom and I piced her up and put her in her crib with my baby brother Kyle and then my baby started smacking and my baby brother started crying and I called my thirteen year old sister in to take my baby brother to take my baby brother down to dollar general to get a loom bracelet kit and when they got back my brother started playing with and now that it is time for dinner he never puts it away. Thank you

Mariana says:

Nice braceltes I love rainbow loom

Braden says:

I even made my own, called twisted!

Ashley says:

I love rainbow loom!

Bobert says:

I got my little sister a loom for her birthday and now I’m addicted too!!!

Rachel masker says:

I love your vids

Tufting type it says:

Sooo many cool things

Bobette says:


icesis says:

This is so much fun lol

roman says:

its fun i got my first rainbow loom last month i love it were can you buy the see threw bands

Jasmin says:

I love these beginners braclets.

sophia says:

i did the honey comb one!

sophia says:

my mom helps me

sophia says:

WHO came up with this cuse it’s awesome?!

Catatina03 says:


Salina says:

These rainbow loom videos are interesting and they help me so much!

teague says:

it so fun

Lamena says:

These are really hard. Some of them But its worth a try!:)

Lily says:

watch some videos and then you would be able to do it in no time!

Willow says:

I give up these bracelets are to hard even beginners

Learning Express says:

Willow, keep trying! Once you learn how to use the hook it will become easy, and then every new bracelet will be fun!

Fran says:

Willow don’t give up I know some are hard but some are easy too. So don’t give up if you keep on trying it will become very easy for you.

Oliva says:

don’t give up i know they’re hard but still don’t give up willow

kevin says:

rainbow loom is awsome

Mimi says:

Yes!!!!! It is awesome! Oh I just said that word

jakub says:

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove these!

amber says:

thank you so much me and my friends lov these and now i know more bracelets than them!

Margaret says:

He he


Alexandra walker says:

So much fun LOL

morgan baconwolf says:

i love these bracelets because they’re fun and easy to make although some videos should be more specific on what to do

Margaret says:

Yes, like the flower ring one.

Rainbow Loom Girl says:

Fun so fun can never get to sleep wanna make more

Maytee rodriguez says:

I love this crafts

brody belanger says:

this level is so easy. ha ha ha.

Madyson Porter says:

Thank you so much for your help with the looms

Oliva says:

i can do them all day!

Oliva says:

LOVE them but some are so hard i want to give up

Oliva says:

My favorite is the triple single i love it

Fran says:

soooooooooooooo hardddddddddddddddd

morgan baconwolf says:

most of them worked for me except the rhombus bracelet it didnt work at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Fran says:

I LOVE THE RAINBOW LOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margaret says:

The bead one looks hard.
Don’t you think?

Fran says:


abby says:

i love rainboe looms they are amazing

Sammy says:

I knew how to do these but helpful for beginners

Rainbow loom lover 216 says:

Thank you so much for all the help with rainbow loom I love your videos and rubber band I got all different colors for christmas THANK YOU SO MUCH.l……………..

torrie hays says:

I love it it is so relaxable but hard.

hollywood says:

i just got rainbow loom for christmas and it is addicting!!! lol i luv it

Erin Hawkins says:

Those are great first level ideas!

Alivia Walters says:

I like the rainbow loom.I think it is fun for just about all ages.I have a sister who is 8 and she can only make a fishtail a regular one and sort of a triple single

azaya miller says:

I love rainbow loom it is so fun and so created. You can do so many ideas .yeah, it can be tricky at times but as you keep going on you can get the hand of it.there is so many ways to do them. Right know I have to say that I habe like about 47 bracelets, and I am continuing to work on them.

Natash says:

These things r the best ever!!:-)

kemya says:

i have made the starburst , ladder,triple single ,single chain so my total is 35

sarah says:

starburst is so hard for me thought

Scott says:

I love it but it is kind of complicated

Morgan says:

i know so easy

Gabriela says:

Love it!

Mimi says:

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally says:



love this website!!!

Meaghan says:

I have had my Rainbow Loom for 3 days now and I love it!

ivycasteel says:

I love these braclets so much

zosia says:

really stylish! easy and fun.

Sarah says:

I attempted to do the ladder bracelet again after trying 3 or 4 times but today i finally did it! I did a rainbow one and it looks awesome! I love the Rainbow loom!!!!

qqqwwweeerrr says:

rainbow loom is AWESOME i learned triple single and fish tale and i skip all of the other ones!!!!!!!!!!

abbie says:

I love rainboe loom it is so much fun

Amberlea says:

Really love Rainbow Loom, and all the fab bracelets

mara says:

love your instructions!!!!!

Tamika says:

I made tons of bracelets I have the inverted fishtail a starburst and 2 ladder bracelets I also made one for my beanie boo a starburst

angelis says:

they are hard at first then they get easy only i know how to do fish tail ones

valappleberry@yahoo.com says:


Amber says:

Love :) ))))

Victoria says:

Even though I have fun loom, not rainbow loom these are helping me, greatly!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had rainbow loom, but it’s still fun.

Ghbyb says:

More easy ones pls

kendra says:

I luv them no questions asked I’ve made about 300 or more over Christmas break. They re so addicting!!!!!

brianna says:

Cool bandz

Logan walker says:

It is awesome

Ashley says:

OMG! i did the fishtail bracelet and it came out super pretty!!! So like yea

Tamiia says:

The fishtail is sooooo easy I know how to make all bracelets

Jade hang says:

I love it I tried all of it so easy

timyrah says:

i love rainbow loom but i want to be a pro at it also because im selling them at school

jakub says:

you have to try out rainbow loom! i even create new bracelets!

jakub says:

these are the invented bracelets by me! the single double with rings bracelet,butterfly ring,connected bracelet and the flower bracelet

jakub says:

maybe i can even make a ring that’s connected to my loose tooth!

Saige says:

I have just recently started making the originals and am looking forward to some other kinds It keep my mind steady

sarah says:

I only know how to make fishtails, chains, ladders, triple threat, and a panda…so yeah, i would call myself intermediate :)

Chloe says:

Love the bracelets ! Sooooooooooo cool!

nicole miller says:

my kids love your webpage

mckinley says:

cool stuff

Maria Colon says:


Maria Colon says:

My daugthers will love these bracelets….

malyaa cervantes says:

i love making so many rainbow loom!!!!!!!!

Ahkira says:

I love loom

Kaitlin says:

i luv the fishtail its really easy and fun to make in rainbow \



alexandra says:

These looms are easy to make im a expert so im watching the videos to see what you beginners are learing and it is a very good way to start , the hardest loom for me was the starburst (expert level) but then i got the hang of it and i hope you guys all perfect it and i wish you all great luck!!!!

Margaret says:

What’s your faverite design? Mines the TripleSingle!!!

Tamiia says:

I luv all of them

Liv says:

Fishtail ; )

Izziebeeler says:


Tamiia says:

I luv rainbow loom

Jay Lee says:

I really love these!!!

debbie pittillo says:

thank you

Sariah says:

They are fun but some are hard. When you do it a few times it gets easier.

kaliyah says:

I love making bracelets!that’s soooooooooooo. cool I wish I could do that.

Janie says:

Its a lot of fun

Leslie says:

i totally love them because thy are awsome

Jay Lee says:


Liv says:

Amazing video of double bracelet love this site learn almost all my bracelets from here AMAZING

Liv says:

Got refills for Xmas and got two new colors!!! Orange and aqua!!!!! Can’t wait to try triplesingle!!!!!! 3 )

Dawn says:

Rainbow loom is the best!!! I love all of the designs!!!

amiah brooks says:

i can do all

Autumn says:

i know times square sun holiday liberty twist rectangle diamond with rings double forward rhombus double rearward rhombus raindrop zippy chain minion double x double braid taffy twist ziagonal bowtie x twister honey comb totem pole starfish upsy daisey twisty wisty team spirit arrow stitch sweetheart natigue bullsye diamond ridge spiral crossed hexagon ring butterfly blossom ring serpentine rose garden fens fantastic catfish delta wing lady bug carnation ladder fishtail single triple single starburst hexafish

i love rainbow loom says:


Jenna says:

The desinighs that you show they help a lot I made almost all of them it a nice thing to do on long car rides and for just at home or at a friends

Morgan says:


Isabella says:

Awesome sauce precisely!

katy says:

i love rainbow loom

Kathy Salsbury says:

My son got a reg loom at walmart for my granddaughter for christmas. She is a very smart 7 year old. They got me hooked. While after christmas all the rubber bands went out of stock at Walmart and I looked on the enternet for more bands and found you. When a saw all that your loom does with movable part and all your rubber band and was told I chould look up patterns on u tube. I and my granddaughter got a rainbow loom. We are so happy with your product. Thank you also for all the wonderful bright colors. Good going we are hooker on rainbow and now a friend of mine is too.
Thank you Kathy Salsbury

callie says:

sooooooooo cool

Hawaii says:

These bracelets are really cool. In all the rubber band bracelets I have, I HAD 32, but I sold some and now have 21. I look for some of the coolest kinds and make those!

Rylee says:

Have you tried the minon

Rylee says:

I loooooooooooooooove it

Rylee says:

I’ve tried the starburst it’s really hard

Madelyn says:

Who ever invented rainbow loom is a genius!!! Even though some are hard to make, it’s still really fun to do. When I get bored, I go straight to rainbow loom. I love it!!!!!

Isabella says:

I think these designs and their videos are superb. They are really easy to do and are safe from viruses. I hope you beginners out there enjoy these videos as much as I did!

jaz says:

that is good idea thank you

james says:

I think they are really fun to make when you are bored and nothing to do.

Annie says:

Really neat!!!

lexy says:

i love making these there so popular at my school

Denise Edgeworth says:

I love makeing thies things with rubber bands so many purtty colors

Stephen says:

The only way to lern

brynn says:


Adrianna says:

I love ranbow loom and I’m waaaayyyyy past beginers

Emily says:

Wow I really didn’t know how to make them but now I do

Rylee Lofgren says:

I have done a lot of bracelet. I love making them!

tuya says:

these braclets are cool i made one and posted it on google images and i will see if i can pull it up

mimi says:


jennifer says:

the best thing ever there are so many choices and all the braclets turn out perfect

Randomface563 says:


nicholas poirier says:

loom rocks i do it all the time

nicholas poirier says:

i love loom i do it all the time i have alot of of braclets ‘best one is the hexafish

LizBeth says:

Thanks, My son and I really appreciated the Beginner Videos. Great job!!!

Rhonda says:

Thank you so much I loved it to so thank you

karisa says:

I love this so much thank you so much for making this website for people to make brackets with rubberbands thankyou so much 8 have so much fun making the rail road track one thankyou.

Rosie says:

This website I sooo cool I have made almost all the braclets I hope you have As much fun as I have making these braclets.

mackenzie says:

I can help you guys make a fishtail bracelet

Michelle says:

I love rainbow loom! They are so much fun to make and wear.

Rae -Rae says:

I LOVE doing all bracelets so hard but so pretty and cool. Im watching another great so late too bad no sleep for me just a bracelet.

Rae -Rae says:

Im a big mess-up ! It is so hard to make a bracelet but im still learning so I wont push myself hard and i don’t have any beads for the Bead Ladder Bracelet. I wish I knew more but im a beginner.


Rae -Rae says:

I think im in LOVE!

Kate says:

Lol u are in love

Hbob says:

I entered the contest

Amya says:

This website helped so much I now absolutely love rainbow loom

Sarah hoffer says:

It is awesome but very hard before watching these videos

Frances says:

Sooooooo helpful

caitlin says:

i love rainbow loom it is so fun my favorite one is the fishtail and the triple single ………………….
i am also trying to make a I pod case right now it is a little bit hard

sirjourney williams says:

i know how to make those cool and the double lol

Olivia says:

I love making bracelets. My favorite one is the “sunbursts”. It is SO fun to make!!!! :) This goes out to you Emma Davenport!!!! Love you girl. :)

Bree Davenport says:

Like luv luv the bracelets and loom! :) :) :) :) :) :P :D
Love My boyfriend too. His name is Adam!!!!

rainbowloom203 says:

I <3 this website! It rocks! I need to get here more often! I <3 rainbow loom!

Maycee says:

Thanks I really liked your tutorials!

Kate says:

Love it but kind da hard because I am a starter

jessica maxwell says:

this help me out so much please thin or ways to make more bracelets I love u rainbow loom

Arsalan Baig says:

I think it very easy because I made the iPhone case, charms, many more bracelets

Sukanya says:

I love these braclets when to school all my friends were asking me how did you make that :)

katiylan says:

yes I whould like to know how to make the the tripple single bracelet but one thing I can”T do is looping it”S hard for me to loop in rubbe band bracelet

rebecca says:


Ashchari Allers says:

I love LOOM BANDS with all my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

Aimeemiller says:

Love them all. I thought that I would the first one for the double triple single

amanda says:

looms are the best they are cool

amanda says:

every one is wearing them at my school even me

Ariana says:

I love making these bracelets! It’s like a hobby for me. I love them.

abby says:

these r great

Alyssa says:

I just love making loom band bracelets. And hope to have a whole collection of them in the future!

Nichole says:

This is awesome I never new things like this even if I’m not a beginner

Connie Longmeyer says:

l love my rainbowloom I just maid 5 intrvertid fishtail braclets and 7 fishtail im lookingto see if there is a dobble or triple intrverted fishtail
if so can some one let me know how to make it thank you much

Mayleen says:

you should also try the jazzy jazz rainbow loom and the infinity rainbow loom, they’re both also easy too :D c:

Abigail says:

I’ve only made like two fishtail bracelets but a ton of single chain ones they are so much fun i made one on the bus after school they are awesome i really want to learn how to make more my friend Haley she makes them like every day we share at indoor recess i’m so excited to learn how to make more <3 ( :
– Abigail

emma says:

soo cool i could do this all day.

Sharon says:

Iike this

Chloe says:

wow i have to do everything but the bead one

Dodo bird says:

This is amazing, how do they make this so fun!!!

anevay says:

try and past how to make all these bracelets without a loom and btw i LOVE your website!

dakota says:

These things r addictive and fun

Autumn Marshall says:

I like to make rainbow loom bracelets their fun and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teaghan McClure says:

You go girl

Sophia says:

I can make a bunch that arent even on here i even invent a few of my own but ones i can do on here is,triple single,double triple single ,double single chain, and of corse singe chain, WITCH IS THE Easiest ,Happy looming !:)

Teaghan McClure says:

The easiest is the single chain

Teaghan McClure says:

looming is amazeballs you’ll love it.

Skylar says:

I love it can you make the hardest one ever

alicia says:

They are realy cool:)

cecy davis says:


tayla says:

Yeah these r awesome I love them and tahts cool I dont knownhow to make them

tayla says:

Awesome thats cool I love them

Miss cover says:

I’ve made all of these before

jeremiah says:

this looks hard

kirra hubbard says:

rainbow bands are so cool i am happy they have been brought them to Australia they are just so fun

Brandon says:

Great fun. Can’t get enough of them. Got them 4 Hawaiii.

Brandon says:


Barbie says:

It is really hard I have been trying all day

Allie says:

I don’t have the real rainbow loom but I still enjoy it. I started when I was 10 I’m 11 now.

Tanesha says:

I love loom bands this website will help me and my friends make more designs.

xaqoyia cornelius says:

I luv makin des looms n now I wanna make diffent kind instead of fishtail…

Loom love says:

I love the designs I have made many before but I tried to make the double triple single and it worked and I love it!

Madison says:


Amber says:

I’m really bad at this:(

Ethan says:

All your bracelets are sick!

trayon says:

how do you make a fun loom basket

Lizziebarfield says:

I made a spiral bracelet and it turn out awesome

Jane Black says:

I am eager to learn how to make these bracelets will try to make one today

yvonne cassidy says:

They are really fun to do

Learning Express says:

These tutorials were made specifically for the Rainbow Loom. If you want to make amazing rubber band jewelry, you should get one!

Liana says:

I Love them made some candy canes got glow in the dark

madison says:

The rainbow loom is a fun craft for all ages. With rainbow loom you don’t need to be crafty all you need is a loom, hook, and some rubber bands for hours of fun.

jai h says:

loom bands are cool

jade says:

OMG so cool I have mutipul bands love em so much u gotta try em

Molly says:

I love loom bands theyre fun and brilliant

Chantelle says:

i love them so much i gust want to make one every day of the week

tocana says:

i luv them my kids can make them

Alice :3 says:

The triple single bracelet worked! It was about my 5th time and it worked! Just proof that you should keep trying!!



Ciera Roberts says:

Love making these bracelets!!!

Tara says:

i love rainbow loom its so fun and entertains so many people. and sometimes i stuff up with some bracelets.

hi says:

i love the triple single

Lisa says:

I am the best ar making loom bands everyone else is sooooo rubbish

amy kassman says:

I love the starburst and fishtail

lainsalot says:

i love rainbow loom, its so cool

dave mcqueen says:

This I’d Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney says:

I ❤ loom bands they are the absolute obsession in Manchester at the moment !! thanks for all the ideas they are BRILLIANT !
Courtney xxx

jazmine says:

this was easy

Natalia says:

I love looms I’ve made inverted fishtail, and single triple not easy for me

the loom bander says:

that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kacee says:

Wow I’d love to know how to make all of them

Kacee says:

Easiest one is single chain

marko says:

yes your right most of my friends ask me to make some for them but they’ll want triple single braclets

Kacee says:

I want band organizer

jess says:

i luv em

katie says:

awesome my fav one is triple double single bracelet

ellie says:

thats mine as well

ellie says:

i like em’ all

chloe says:

i love the loom bracelets and how do you make the loom bands so good

eloise phillips says:

love the Honeycomb Bracelet
Rhombus Bracelet
Double Triple Single Bracelet
Triple Single Bracelet
Triangle Bracelet
Double Single Chain Bracelet
Spiral Bracelet
and love them all

tanya says:

very good

leah says:

I really need help I suck im new at this stuff I know how to make a fishtale and a worm braclet

Taliawrathall says:

I love them !!!’! But my lil brother an sister always put them places

Taylor Swift says:

wow love it!

tristan says:

im a big fan of u

marko says:

i loooooooove rainbow loom its sooooo fun!!!!!

brilee says:

wish I new how to do it all

laura urac says:

AMAZIN dat is coolio

Janet szczypior says:

looking forward to your style .

tristan says:

wow amazing my kids think i’m coo coo because i make bracelets

Safe lim says:

Really nice! Sorry to bother you, but may I please know which is first? Intermediate or advanced

Learning Express says:

We have 3 themes of tutorials, with 3 different skill levels for each. For the original series, it’s beginner, intermediate, expert. The sports series is rookie, pro, and all-star. The superhero series is sidekick, hero, and superhero. We hope you enjoy completing all 9 series, and make sure you stop by your local Learning Express Toys store to get a LExpert Loomer card so you can track your progress.

shakayla says:

nice job rainbow

shakayla says:

nice job and easy

Maddie southerland says:

I am loving it so far

Sathusha says:

best thing to do when u r bored!!!!!!!

Milla says:

Wow they bring out coulor

Kelly says:

Listen Learning Express rainbow loom and you have inspired me to make everyone know bout rainbow loom so they can be creative so what I did was gave away 100 rainbow looms to kids

Thomas says:

Are you sure this is right?

Tasha says:

these are great ideas but can u post more challenging designs

Trees says:

Really cool.

panda says:

I did a minion bracelet

Fredinbob comix says:

How did you make that? I’d love one.

Ching says:

I love to loom..it took me an hour to reach office so I make use of the time making loom bracelets, when my husband picks me up and drive me home, again looming inside the car, really obsessed with it and i feel great each time I finish a bracelet.. Keep posting new techniques. More power…

tegan says:

i luv them but they take ages to make but they am worth the try

Keri says:

i apsoulutly luv the bead ladder bracelet

Tiana says:

So cool
So cool

Alice says:

i luv them sooooooooooooooo much i am definitely trying all of these xx

meganking says:

It is so cool to make one.

tori says:


Mia says:

Great thankyou!!

maruam says:

I love all the bracelet. and all of the stuff.


OMG SOO KOOL exept honeybee 1 looks like single … BUT great ik hw to do most but i needed practise

Melody says:

I love rainbow loom! I only got mine yesterday and have already finished the rhombus bracelet. I’ve got my whole family creating bracelets!

Mary cruz says:

can you send me something of raimbow loom thing

Tara says:

i love loom bands its a great way to show off your look

Jessica says:

I luv them

jovileen Losnong Dagdag says:

i love the bracelets … !

brooke says:

these loom bands are a really good and i think they should make nice bands but that can be changed to make in a easier way for children aged 8, 9, 10 and over

thanks Brooke

farkhanda salim says:

i love loom bands !!!!! in my spare time i make them they dont make me bored !!!! lol

susie verrill says:

Hello do you have a book or magazine with easy step by step instructions on how to do loom band bracelets and
Other art it would be great if you have

Thank you susie Verrill

Learning Express says:

We do! We have 2 books available right now. They have great instructions if you’re on a trip or away from a computer.

Tahlia says:

Some of these bracelets are hard but are still rally simple. Awesome website!

imman says:

i really luv them to make i will make them in 24hours.××××××××××××

meghan says:

it is easy to make loom bands with a friend but it can be fun to all diffidence loom bands too

Double triple single braclet says:

I LOVE LOOM BANDS!!!!!!!!!!! Easpeccially the double triple single……”

michelle taylor says:

i love to make loom bands and i was looking for the easy ones to start with and this is the right one to start on

Rachi says:

they are all ever so cute and pretty but i just can’t manage to do the last couple! i wish i could. i am jealous to all the children that can do them!!

fashionable girl says:

i am positive that u will get the hang of it soon

Sam Harkness says:

I just made the Triple Single Bracelet, I am so happy with how it turned out. I love it. Going to be making a lot more in the future.

Darcey says:

I love rainbow loom still trying starburst bracelet cause I still can’t do it so I will keep trying.

Darcey says:

When I am bored and I have nothing to do i think of my loom bands.

Kiana says:


Michelle says:

I luv rainbow loom

Jadyn says:

They’re my favorite hobby

fariha says:

AMZING thanks there cool and fashionable u can wear anything with it

Erin says:

Hi I started 5 weeks ago yesterday and I can already make a single chain on my fingers and the loom,a fishtail,inverted fishtail,railroad,infinity and worm bracelets. These creations are really good and easy to make once u know how. Happy looming!

Erin says:

Hi I started 5 weeks ago yesterday and I can already make a single chain on my fingers and the loom,a fishtail,inverted fishtail,railroad,infinity and worm bracelets. These creations are really good and easy to make once u know how. Happy looming!

renae says:


Sam L says:

cool stuff

olivia says:

i been looming for so long
and have made more than 111111 bracelets

Akira Vorster says:

These are so awesome

olivia says:

rainbowloom is so cool when me and my bf ride bikes i always have a rainbow loom helemt

DragonWolf says:

I want to take it up a notch! from me learning the fish tale bracelot for a couple months now.
i want to learn the double triple! but i keep runnut of rubber bands!

Chantia says:

love4looms XXXXX !

Ella says:

I luv looms

Ilanna says:

I love loom band bracelets so much, I have learnt how to make all of the Disney princesses for my sisters birthday! They look amazing. I also love making really complicated bracelets and some of the designs are absolutely fantastic! At school we are not allowed them but, me and my friends all sneak them in our bags, mu-ha-ha!!
Love these, and if you don’t, Wowzers you are crazy!

princess audrey m. josue says:

i love them

michelle says:

luv banding my grand daughter is so much better at it

Ashley says:

I think loom bands are great I also do lots of crafts so they are PERFECT for me. I just need to amek sure i have enough to wear to school because i go back to school on Tues, Sep 2

nuryn says:

i love this website because there are so many tutorials. i love triple single bracelet.

Thando says:

Wow my mom bought me this rainbow loom and I am LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jane says:

The Bead Ladder is so cute i have maked a loombands and it is so beautiful i love love loom bands

Olivia is awesome!!! says:

could u add more plz? they r awesome!!!! also they r a bit too easy for me soo maybe add a little bit more advanced ones for other people that think it is easy too. Oh and maybe charm? I so far i have made a 3D sushi, a baby hamster and a rainbow moustache!!! Hope u can read my message and hope my advise has helped u!!! By Olivia Tran :)

monty says:

it is so awessome and it is hard to make a star burst

germayn goh says:

I like it……its very beautiful…..

danica says:

wow… this is owsome

danica says:

i love loome bands

Taylor Rimes says:

I did all of these and I love them all but I wish you had more

Rhenee Jillian Magana says:

that is so beautiful iwant one

Jack Dana says:

Rainbow looms video

Neida Martinez says:

These are so easy to make and I learned a lot

Jessica says:


GU$I@N says:



rainbow loom is the best says:

WHAT I SAY ABOUT IT IS ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? HOW DO YOU BUILD EM

Joyce Makabayi says:

You make them with your fingers or with the kit, it’s really fun once you know how to do it!

Kailey says:

How do you do them with your fingers?

Caroldine says:

Lka it is so nice 2 make it , :) t luv it , i can make it like more 10+ a day , like 2 learn the other styles !

Emaan says:

Wow! These are some that i haven’t even heard of before!
I can make a flower and my friend can make a panda! SOOOO cool!

imaan says:

I am absolutely loving this ! thanks for making this

Ruby says:

for advanced loomers they are quite easy to make. Although they are easy they look so good and stylish!!! Especially the bead ladder it looks so nice and colourful!!! And they are so entertaing and amazing to make!!

Mary grace alba says:

this is the best loom band ever

Fleet McKinnon says:

How will i make the bead ladder bracelet, if i don’t have any beads and it looks amazing, so amazing that i want to make it, this sucks so much (about not making this bracelet)

Ziv says:

I can’t stop making bracelets!
If I stop doing it I’m not going to have a future.

willow says:

WOW i love looming its AAAAAAAAAAMMMMAAAAAAzing

renae says:

i love this vido and thank you for all of us who made all of these vido for us and you!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Joyce Makabayi says:

I love making loom bands when I’m bored! I’ts totally funin your spare time and see what you’ve made!

Maycie Weller says:

I love to loom bracelets because I love them

Anonymous says:

I know how to make a dotted line bracelet..

Shane says:

I like it even though it’s hard to make

kim erb says:

it looks hard to make the rubber band bracelets

lily says:

help i am struggling

justin pappas says:

I will help you whenever you need help

justin pappas says:

I love making bracelets

prefruina says:

Wow I got some loom bands at my house I used to have the ladder but it broke I still know how to make them its really good I love it.

Priscilla says:

mastered them all in under a hour !!!!

Megan Murphie says:

lllllllllooooooooovvvvvveeeee them

Kailey says:

Wow I became an expert loomer in one week! I am so excited that I did all of my the levels in one week.

Kailey says:

OMG! This is so awesome, I LOVE rainbow loom! I got my rainbowloom in 2013 on September 14th I was so excited so much! This like my favorite bracelet maker! :)

Kailey says:

So cool ;)

Kailey says:

When I am ib the car I do these

Kailey says:

Oh my gosh I love these! :)

Kaitlin says:

Awesome :-)

Aalana says:

I love rainbow loom and I have done a lot of creations rainbow loom is just wonderful cause I would want to stay up late and just do creations.

mynameiskate says:

that is also my excuse to stay up late. “oh,but mam i need to finish this one off” but i am still there 2 hours later doing other bracelets so i can stay awake! its the best excuse ever !

jennifer says:

it is aswome doing this but take alot of time

liitle_jacko_xx says:

i agree.

Lauren says:

This is easy but I’m still more of an beginner than anything considering u just started looming again last night

Kirti Kumar says:

I love loom bands. they are my favs. I do it whenever I go to my cousins place or my pops place or my uncles place.I take them EVERYWHERE!

Rylee says:

its so hard!,!! help meeee

Charly Thomson says:

Just read the instructions properly.

gogirl says:

I LUV these things they’re awsome!!!!!!

ana riccelli says:

your rainbow loom bracelets are outstanding

Charly Thomson says:

these designs are really cool

kitty says:

love this single rohmbis

Daniel says:

Got through with all just need the pack from u guise for more

Daniel says:

Love it

Hannahtaylor says:

Theses are to easy. Got anything challenging

Learning Express says:

Try the Intermediate or Advanced Levels. We have 9 levels to challenge your looming abilities, you’re only on level 1!

Stephanie says:

I luv to make different kinds of bracelets [even if I make bracelets that I make up.i’m a beginner bracelet maker.

Stephanie says:

you know this rainbowloom is so smart you know

ruby says:

i love rainbow loom

alizeh says:

I love it but i don’t know how to make loom bands

liitle_jacko_xx says:

so now you can learn. if they are easy for you. i mean we both have different opinions right?

Emily says:

My sis wants to learn how and I used this website and now she can do it on her own

Mahathi HS says:

How to make art work from loom bands

Makenzie Dawn Millard says:

They are so cool I love doing them and they are entertaining

Eria Bubutei says:

I wants to learn all of this

Marlon Matthew D. Nolasco says:

I like those!

Taylor says:

I have done all of these bracelets they are really ideal for my loom band party

Emily says:

These examples help me a lot!

invinsible says:

DO U HAVE MORE???????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seraphina says:

Even my boyfriend is starting to get interested in these cool designs but is trying to hide them. Entertaining and a good way to pass time.

gavin strayer says:

We just got finished the beginner single chain bracelet

B T says:

want to learn more

wafa says:

i love loom bands

ismail s says:

I want to learn to make more designs

Londyn says:

All of them are so cool wish I had a youtube video so that I can make more thanks

bloom says:

so cool it is so easy to learn thankyou

Scott says:

These are so awesome that I Am going to invent dog collars in different styles

bloom says:

Dear rainbow loom I have a question .
One of my looms hook have been broken how am I going to make.
Rainbow loom now . Please answer

Learning Express says:

Hey Bloom,
Sorry to hear that your hook is broken! We sell hooks separately from the kits if that is all you are missing, and we also carry a metal version of the hook. Some of the more advanced designs involve reaching under 10 or more bands, and that can put some serious strain on the hook. The metal hook is rugged and will withstand the forces required by complex designs. Keep on loomin!

eschultz137 says:

Really cool

betty says:

Thank you guys so much because you let us comment and I love all the bracelets you make and it helped me so MUCH THANK YOU

ana riccelli says:

i love your rainbow loom bracelets so much i have been trying to look for the begginer levels but finally when i found your site i was so so so so so happy once again thank you and i will always continue to use this site

tyrese says:

i love the rainbow so much

iman says:

i love rainbow loom i have loom twister

Kyle says:

These were super easy and cool – ok! now for the intermediate level!!

Kyle says:

These were super easy!!!

Megan says:

This really helps

emily says:

Really good designs girls and boys I love your bracelets fun tastic ideas well done

rahaf says:

i cant do these its sooooooooo hard I am never GEVING UP

Keisha says:

The ideas are cool.can you do things without a loom

naana says:

i love making loom bracelet and i want to learn more about it

Taylor says:

i really like all of your bracelet

Ashley says:

This is really cool and fun

ashley says:

I did the double triple single bracelet!

I love to loom!64 says:


I love to loom!64 says:


Ashley says:

Me to!!!!!!

keyondra says:

I luv luv luv making loom band bracelets

becky says:

i can do the triple single but it is hard to do it also is hard work apart from this loom band i like all the others

bianc says:

I love them ideas but you’s need to put more up. I love Making Rainbow loom

Bri says:


Laura says:

not bad.

tanya says:

I love loom bands

gamini says:

i like learn it

elizabeth Mary Muir says:

I have three fun loom.

elizabeth Mary Muir says:

I ❤️(love) rainbow loom!!!!! It rocks:) even though I’m not the craftiest person they are addicting and easy to make! The videos are way better than pictures and instructions too:)

Lauren says:

Hi these videos and tips are really helfull