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Here at Learning Express we love everything Rainbow Loom and we know you do too! That’s why we decided to create our own Rainbow Loom Headquarters where you can become a LExpert!

Make sure to try out the three levels of Loomineer training, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert and fill out the form below for a chance to win cool Rainbow Loom prizes each month.

Enter the Learning Express Rainbow Loom Contest to win this fabulous prize

This month the lucky winner will receive a Rainbow Loom, organizer, charms, and a wide assortment of extra bands!

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Can’t wait? Need to loom now?

tyler stewart says:

love love this store

Amanda says:

I have very little rubber bands, and my little case is full

Laticia Gobel says:

My daughter is obsessed with making bracelets and wants to get another loom so she can start making headbands!

mia says:

I made a head band with one loom!and it is big!

Aria Obey says:

I hope i win

lorenzo alcalde says:

i really want a rainbowloom kit because everybody except me has one in my school

Ella says:

I love the rainbow loom!! I really want one.

Person says:

How could you love rainbow loom if you don’t have one.

Sydnee quandt says:

I love making rainbow looms with my friends I just wish I had my own

Nicole says:

Same with me

Lila Perry says:

So cool:-)

Nevaeh says:

I love learning new rainbow loom braclets!!!!!!

Nicole Kidd says:

Love Rainbow Loom!

Nicole says:

My daughter would love to have a Rainbow Loom of her own.

Conor says:

I have 2kits and 1case but I have no room left in my case and I am running out of bands I need this,

Ella says:

My neighbors have one but I only have rubber bands!! So it is impossible for me to make starburst.

Makayla Fleming says:

I REALLY hope I win because I only have rubber bands

Tiffany Jeffcoat says:

My daughter LOVES this product!

isacc says:

i love it

isacc says:

i wish i had one

brock says:

i really want one!

Debbie Melvin says:

My son spends all of his free time looming! He has taught himself how to make almost all the bracelletts and has many for his friends. Is almost out of bands and would love to win him the kit!

Ella Goodin says:

Would love to win!

Ella Goodin says:

Would love to win! So much fun, keeps my hands very busy,

SaraA says:

Love your store!

Haley haring says:

I love looming I spend all my free time looming I love learning express and creating and making up brackets

Haley haring says:

I really want to win I love rainbow loom and learning express

Alexandra says:


cathy focht says:

Thank you for stocking RL product so well!

Makayla Fleming says:

I like rainbow loom because it is fun to do and you cand make stuff out of it and you can make bracelet with your friends.

Erica says:

I really want to win!

Agnieszka Smielinska says:

I want to win rainbow looms for my kids. I bought some in your store and they love it.

chrismen says:

love this store love the rainbow loom love everything about the store

Gavriela Meyers says:

I would love to have a Rainbow loom because I would love to make bracelets for all my friends!

Chantale Stanton says:

my eight year old daughter would love to make bracelets for our church’s fundraiser..we have signed up to help and she would love to give each member a beautiful bracelet..please help us give bands for each hand…thank you!

jonathan lewis says:

My daughter would love to win!

Helen Luvs RAINBOW LOOM says:

i would love to win because lots of kids at my school want to buy bracelets from me and i need another kit to make it for them

Alisa Sementilli says:

My little sister really wants one because she loves bracelets and its almost her birthday..I wish I will win.

stella says:

it seems so fun i hope someone who dosen’t have the rainbow loom wins. good luck to all

Francine says:

I hope i win but the inportant thing is I tryed my best

Francine says:

Good luck to everybody!

Tasha burton says:

My girls love making bracelets. They are always trying to make new things

billy makzo says:


michael says:

i love rainbow loom

ted agni says:

Rainbow loom is so fun and I love it! I dont have an organizer yet and would really love to win this prize!!!

leslie says:

good luck:-)

Stephanie Sweeney says:

This would be a treat for my fifth grade students for a reward instead of having to put kids in time out for not doing what they should. Something for them to look forward to earning.

Kathy Nelson says:

Your store is fantastic, I really appreciate the grandparents discount. I’m bringing my grandchildren in from when they visit from out of state!

nicoly says:

I would love to win rainbow loom because i think its very cool thank you.

Julie says:

Hello! I am temporarily handicapped and I would love a Rainbow Loom to help me keep occupied while I am off my feet recovering. Thanks for offering this contest!

Pablo Tejedor says:

I want to have a rainbow loom to make really cool bracelets

Will says:

Would love to have another loom so I can make necklaces!!!

Aaron Smookler says:

I hope I win this rainbow loom contest. This is my first time and I am only 11 years old and I get very lucky a lot so I’m feeling lucky. Good luck everyone.

Andrew Morgan says:

I found some clear and glow in the darks ones, I need my own loom so I can start making some of the intermediate bracelets

Evelyn Maggio says:

Rainbow loom ROCKS!!! It is the best bracelet kit ever!



Riggsy says:

Would love for my daughter to have a loom, it would be a great reward for her hard work at school and on the soccer field!

hallie says:

my daughter LOVES the store.

Leslie says:

I hope I win

Nikaya Joy Thomas says:

good luck to you [ not being sarcastic]

Leslie says:

Best thing ever


I hope I could win because I ran out of bands and wanted a bigger kit.my friends have a bigger kit but I don’t

David says:

This is the best store that I saw

madison says:

please can I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella Moxcey says:

I love the rainbow loom! I hope that I win!

Cindy says:

Hope we win a loom so the kids can each have one!

kayla says:

i need a package of that because all of my friends have these and i cant find a 99 cent store that has one….i am also having an organization to help people that are artistic and i need to sell these so please…..i need it not only for me but 4 the community as well!!!

Angela says:

LOVE the Rainbow Loom,and all sorts of patterns in braclets!

Sarah says:

This is so cool. I would love to have another one to make more designs. Love Rainbow looms!!!

Seaira says:

i never been here befor but i pray i win

Jacob says:

I love this and I be interested in helping the boys side grow.

Christopherson smith says:

This store is amazing,i just checked all the rings i cold and i figured out i just made 2 new rings :-)
(u guys are awesome)

madisonholmes says:

it doesnt matter if i win or not i just want to learn how to make the bands its my first time

Joshua Lamothe says:

Thank you for this chance to win

Allyson says:

I really want to win because I am almost a expert

Maria panico says:

fingers crossed!

Patty May says:

love the store and always find great things was in yesterday and bought a lot of things. It’s simply the best! I tell everyone about it. Just bought the bands for the one my one granddaughter has. Hope I win it for my other granddaughter Kate.

Tyler Evans says:

I wish I would win

Elizabeth Btting says:

i love this store my favorite <3

Ally engel says:

My sister and I love rainbowloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we please win with sugar on top?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel says:

Love this store and the employees are wonderful a most go!

Michelle Mitchell says:

The greatest craft I have seen in years

forrest gorby says:


Jessica Webster says:

We would love another loom so little sis can make some too ;)

Lorrie Drucker says:

My daughter tried the beginner class and loved it. Her birthday is in 2 weeks. We will be registering and the loom will be in the basket. She would love it if she won one.

Marie says:

That’s really sweet I hope you win it for your daughter I know she will love it and say happy birthday to her for me

William says:

Love this store so much I never going to forget this store never

Carolina says:

I would love my son to win a Rainbow loom so he can have fun making braclets!!!!!!!!

Allison says:

I was the 3rd to complete LExpert and this loom would help me make more rainbow loom products!

Karen McDowell says:


daniella says:

i have 2 rainbow looms yay!

Karen Quade says:

I have already purchased two of these, and need 3 more for other grandchildren! Help!

Marie says:

Hi I am Marie I don’t have the rainbow loom yet but I can make lots of things by hand such as: regular,fishtail,three sided fish tail,double single ,honeycomb ,triple single ,triple double,and I know more that’s why I am entering this contest to try to get the rainbow loom because I don’t have one and I really want one

Alison Burton says:

My girls LOVE Rainbow Looms!!

Joanne Matuch says:

Love all your products!

Krissy says:

Both my daughter’s would love this!


I <3 RAINBOW LOOM!!! i already have 2 looms & i've made over 62 bracelets.




alyssa says:

i love this but i need a loom and case and bands

quinn bellawala says:

This one of the best toy in the world

Charlotte Bazen says:


ZAchary Grasee says:

I love to rainbow loom

Joe Nguyen says:

Rainbow loom is so cool I have one but I have to share it with my sisters and it’s so weird and we ran out of rubber bands

William says:

I love rainbow loom they best I hope I win plese

Emily Paula says:

I hope I win

Emily Paula says:


Sydney Gusick says:

This is the best store in the world! I’ve been making bracelets since last year and now I need two more cases!

Angie says:

We really want one we see people wearing them all the time.

kerry hungerford says:

you have the best toys

Katie gabriele says:

This is awesome!!!!!

Phylicia Phillips says:

How fun thanks for the chance!

Anika Yamar says:

I am looking forward to see the winner and tell him/her congrats. But i am also hoping that i will win because i need more rubberbands and the container will help me be more organized. Good luck to everyone

Sarah colon says:

On our way now with a friend as well to buy the girls more bands as I have even started making them with our daughter savannah and now we need more :) would love to win this and add to our fun and bonding time

jeline says:

everyone has it except for me . this rainbow loom thing opened up my brain system to something so smart i need itplease

mayah says:

love love love the rainbow looms verrrrrry obsessed with them always keep me from being bored

Krishanth Babu says:

creative,colorful,cool,crazy-combination of colors.I love making it.

Catherine says:

Fun contest!

Tyler Calvert says:

I like making bracelets for my sister and my friends. Sometimes I would rather try to make up new bracelets than playing a video game (my mom likes that idea too). This kit would be awesome to keep everything in.

Cathy Sanchez says:

Rainbow Loom-all the rage at my son’s second grade. He’d love to win one!

Julianna "Julie" A. says:

I have the Rainbow Loom Kit and Making Bracelets is So awesome. I Made the Starburst, and Ladder Bracelet and 9 other Bracelets (so Awesomeeee!!!!!!!!!!)

Anna grace says:

We’ll my hook broke and I don’t have anymore rubber bands so I was hoping to give it a shot .

Zuri Cooper says:

I hope I win!!!

Alisha says:

Please make me win

Alisha says:

Everybody at school has a kit but me I really want one please

Kaitlyn Gamble says:

I LOVE RAINBOW LOOM SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elena Wu says:

My friends all want my bracelets!
If I win this contest, please please let the prize be 3 new rainbow looms!
My two very good friends have been wanting a bracelet kit ever since, but their parents just seem to never get the clue about them wanting a rainbow loom!
Please, if I win, let the prize be 3 new rainbow loom kits so I can give the kits to my three friends

chrissy kline says:

i really want to win this i love making bracelets it will make my day of life so happy please let me win.

Kendall Vrocher says:

I can’t wait to check out your rainbow loom headquarters!

rachel says:

please chose me every one else has one exept me!~!!!!!!

Nikaya Joy Thomas says:

i really want a rainbow loom so i won’t have to keep on asking my friends/family

Nikaya Joy Thomas says:

i’ve never even touched or used a rainbow loom before good luck every one

Nikaya Joy Thomas says:

hey it’s nikaya just wanted to let you know tht i wish every one good luck an who ever wins i’m happy for you good luck every body!

Josh R. says:

#Rainbow Loom (@gonna win)

Jodie Sanchez says:

This is the only thing on my children’s Christmas list.

Lisa silva says:

My 11 years old is obsessed with rainbow loom. It’s refreshing that it doesn’t require electricity…yeahhhhhh

anna says:


Blair Bubbles says:

Rainbow Loom is amazing it’s so good that I want more colors and loom

Phil says:

Would love to win one!!!

anna says:


Tammie Greggains says:

My son is “Hooked” on Rainbow Loom!!

RY WINER says:


Teresa Berner says:

I would love to win this!!!!!


Who ever doesn’t have a loom must win!