Make Learning Express your Rainbow Loom Headquarters

Rainbow Loom Headquarters

Learn how to become a Loomatic at Learning Express!

Are you obsessed with everything Rainbow Loom? Do you love learning how to make new designs and patterns? Then you’ve come to the right spot!

Here at the Rainbow Loom Headquarters you will find tons of new ideas for the Rainbow Loom. You can create everything from fabulous bracelets to adorable accessories and you can even check out the amazing creations that some of our most inventive customers have designed. Watch our how-to videos and find detailed instructions in The Loomatic’s Interactive Guide to The Rainbow Loom, written by our very own Learning Express Toys of Reno, NV owner, Suzanne Peterson!


No matter what skill level you’re at, we’ve got plenty of patterns to keep you busy! Work your way up through our Original Loomatic Training by building all 10 designs from each of our three levels and see yourself advance from Beginner, to Intermediate, and even become a LExpert!

  • Click here to get started with Original Loomatic Training!

Once you’ve mastered the technique, explore new designs in the Next Editions of our Rainbow Loom Training. Each edition includes three levels of training with four-five bracelets per level.

  • Click here to get started with the Sports Theme Edition!
  • Click here to get started with the latest Superhero Theme Edition!

For more Rainbow Loom fun make sure to check your local Learning Express Store for details on classes, Rainbow Loom club, and other great events!

rainbow-loom-kitDo you still need a Rainbow Loom?

Rainbow Loom refill bands

If you want to make it through the expert level, you’ll need more bands.

DSC_2072 (1)Loom like a pro with an organizer for your loom, hook, and bands.

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rebecca says:

I love the rainbow loom it is very cool

Sophia says:


Meme says:

So right

Peace says:

I know Its awesome

Aakash says:

I love it
A lot.

Chloe says:

I don’t know how to make starburst and ladders

Ashley says:

There are the new thing every body whares them girls and boys

julia says:

I made starburst and im only a begginer! Just try a lot of times and you’ll get it!

booboo says:

well I learned how when I just got my rainbow loom

pepper says:

Those two bracelets are easy to make

ABBY says:

A NO THEY ARE NOT! If you can make a ladder and a starburst than you are amazing because I cant.

Amanda says:

Those braclets are really easy. I know how to do almost all the braclets

Celine says:

I know how to make a ton of bracelets, SO EASY IM LIKE A PRO NOW!!!

Jolie says:

Try your best and keep on looming! Don’t ever give up and I personally think you should use a youtube video.
Best Regards,

Camille says:

I do

Chloe says:

Chloe me I don’t know how to do the ladders and the starburst

afreen.ak says:

Its easy go and check how to make it on YouTube !!-chole

Jacqueline says:

my kids love rainbow loom lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane Mildner says:

Would like dates and times on the Rainbow loom classes

BunnyBop says:

I love rainbow loom!

Grace says:

This is cool!!!!!!

Morgan says:

I love rainbow loom matbye you should make a…new braclet to the rainbow loom lovers

melissa says:

I LOVE RAINBOW LOOM. I can make 9 to 11 diffront kind of braclets

MarianaMellen says:

I love rainbow loom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!somuch

stephanie says:

i can make more then like 50 bracelets, charms, and all sorts of stuff! yay rainbow loom! lol

Lucy Anne says:

I love rainbow loom

savanna says:

i LOVE rainbow loom

Katie Schultz says:

I LOVE rainbow loom! the patterns i most love are the double single, and fishtail.

Amanda says:

I love the sailors pinstripe braclet! They are fun to make but do take a lot of bands

illeanna says:

Katie schultz i love your videos

vanessa duran says:

rainbow loom is my life i love it the best subject in the world

Annette Zentz says:

I purchased a Rainbow Loom for my granddaughter and niece. They just love making the bracelets and are anxious to learn how to make more designs. Thank you for making a quality product that brings confidence and happiness.

Annie says:

i love rainbow loom but dont know how to do anything but necklace and single braclet. cant wait to do classes at learning express!

matthew says:

your doing classes i want to make starburst triple single bracelets but i need the KITTTT people can some 1 sent me 1 plz

Tonie Goodin says:

Love rainbow loom !!

Andrew says:

i love rainbow loom

daniela says:

I love the rainbow loom

LoomerBloomer says:

I love to rainbow loom, I’m fast like a banshee,
Rubber bands flying by, so fast you can’t see,
color after color, row after row,
my bracelets have the best design flow.
do your friends need rubber jewels? if the answer is yes,
then go buy rainbow loom at learning express

judy says:

looking for color specials of the day in looming

Jane says:

I love rainbow loom I can make over 20 different kinds of bracelets

Katie says:

I love rainbow rooms

Amanda says:

Don’t u mean rainbow loom

Harris Armstrong says:

i love this stuff it is the best thing eeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nina says:

The Rainbow Loom Is Cool!!!

rebecca says:

I would like it if someone could help me find out how to make the Flipside bracelett

Hannah says:

I love rainbow loom I am a LEXPORT!! I am good at all of it

Rebecca Schneider says:

I am a #1 rainbow loom fan!

Aaron Smookler says:

I am addicted to rainbow loom

Elijah says:

Teach me some stuff on how to make new bracelets and send me a refill on bands!

mya says:

i love rainbow looms

yacky says:

i like it

Sam says:

I love the rainbow loom kit

kyle says:

love them but so hard

Karin Kates says:

Can u show me how to make the reindeer out of rainbow loom please?

Jamie says:

It’s. A lots of fun

Tori says:


katie mercer says:

great job everyone who has came up with the amazing rainbow loom

Megan says:

I love the rainbow loom it is the best thing in the world I love it it always gives me a smile

Megan says:

Me and my cousin absolutely love Learning express and Rainbow loom! You know how people usually hate the start of the week? I can’t wait for Tuesday!

Ebony Carr says:

My daughter is obsessed!

Barbara Conn says:

I wanted you to know that this craft isn’t just for kids. I am 79 years old and have made over 250, and given most of them away to each child in my Great grand childrens classes,,and the kids in my church. It is such a reward to see their smiling faces when I present them with a bracelet. Thanks for coming up with such a joyful craft.

Tyler says:

Rainbow loom is the best!

Catherine Cleveland says:

Just bought a loom for my grand daughter. I can’t wait to create with her.

kandi says:

i love my loom set

michael says:

i love to make a rainbow loom braclet. i love y guys alot

brady evans says:


nataly says:

me too!

maddie says:

im getting the loom kit for my bday on november 8 th i allready have some bracalets but i whant to have my own kit ol i cant wate

Nicole says:

im am really good at doing rainbow loom bracelets i sell them with my cousin that also make them i taught even to make their bracelets

Aakash says:

I love it so much!

Janette Hamilton says:

My son is going crazy with Rainbow Loom Bands :-)

Aakash says:

I love making it.

Maura Abernathy says:

I love looming but I cant make the hexafish on my other on:(

samantha w. says:

teach me now please

Satvik says:


Nikitha says:

My dad said I’m getting one.!!!!!!!!.

Ashley says:

Rainbow loom is the best braclets of life I luv them

hadleigh says:

i love rainbow loom it is awesome

linda says:

i love the rainbow loom

nataly says:

i love rainbow loom so much susan on youtube is so good at making the braclets

nataly says:

i just wished i had all the colors and the the types

Shantall says:

I love Learning Express.In summer I finally got my Rainbow Loom

nyasia says:

hay i just brought one from your store and wondering if it takes a long time to learn some of them

Skii says:

I brought it at the one in Verona and my friend and i joined the club

Eddie Lopez says:

Rainbow loom

griffin says:

I’m in the hospital im really happy I got my elimination kit yesterday im so happy

Hanji says:

I love Rainbow Loom, I have made alot of desgins, even some of my own, Its patient pending and some to do with your free time. I suggest (if your not already going to get this product) you get it =D

Alexis says:

That is great I love rainbow loom

sunset7 says:

I TOTALY agree!

Cathina says:

I love the rainbow loom. So much fun and beautiful brackets. You should really sell more!!

Cathina says:

You guys always make the rainbow loom kit look so much fun every body wants to buy it. You guys are really awesome!! I just love making bracelets out of rubber bands!! They just always turn out perfect! Wearing the pretty bracelets to school is always fun because you get to see everyone’s cool bracelets. You can always learn how to make wonderful bracelets that turn out just like theirs. Hope you guys don’t get out of stock for the rainbow loom!!!!

Jennifer says:

I didn’t buy one but my friend made me one, the dragon scale design and I absolutely love it! I am going out to buy a kit myself on Friday!

Austin says:

I love rainbow loom it inspires me but I can’t do any thing cus I don’t have the bord

Becka says:

The rainbow loom is great i just love it .

Aisha says:

Is there a glow in the dark

Learning Express says:

Yes, we do have glow in the dark band refills.

Sylvana says:

I am going to get the box with my name on nov 24

emma green says:

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will says:

rainbow loom is the best thing i have 100 bracelets in a plastic bag that is so big

Seaira says:

I would love to have a kit I don’t know how to make it.

Alicia banks says:

Kids love this!

bob says:

rainbow looms is a mazing and so awesome

jessica says:

omg so cool

Brooklynn says:

I love the Rainbow Loom!

isha malik says:


Braeden says:

I love rainbow loom

Ariel Kane says:

I think I agree with kyle, I like them, but it is super hard!!!!

Sania says:

I love rainbow loom Do you have the kit? Or rubber bands or c-clips

Learning Express says:

Sania, we have all of those! Come in to the store and we’ll set you up with the ultimate rainbow loom kit!

Sylvana says:

I like rainbow loom alot

Maleah says:

I really like this site for rainbow loom purposes. I have learned how to make almost 15 bracelets from the videos they post! I also like how they show a picture of what you are going to be making!! :-)

Melissa Sena says:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rainbow loom bracelets, it brought me and my friends closer together and it’s SUPER STYLISH and colorful.

tamia says:

I love rainbow loom

Kelly says:

Rainbow loom is the best thing

Jack says:

I love rainbow loom!!!

Jasmine says:

I totally love it it changed my life you should totally get rainbow loom

Kimberly says:

I want it because my freindes has it.

alexandra says:

Kimberly u dont have to be like your friend just be yourself

illeanna says:

I give Kimberly my bracelets

Halhal says:


Inass elhassouni says:

I really want rainbow loom

molly says:

i Love rainbow loom soooo much

Jazmine says:

Rainbow loom is like my hobby Ilke to give some away for gifts or just for selling so I can buy more at the store hope you choose me

Kitty121234 says:

I want the rainbow
Loom I think it’s the best thing ever I’m counting down Christmas a lot every sec,every min,every hour and every day I have a app to count down my mom said I maybe get it for Christmas

emma says:

i love u guys

LEE says:


kaylyn says:

You should post your calendar with events so we can see your classes

Learning Express says:

Kaylyn, each store runs their own classes, check your local store’s page or call them for their class times.

kelly says:

i love rainbow loom because it is the best toy so want to go black friday shopping

Emily says:

I love it

Janette says:

I love this so much I want to learn more braclets

Char says:

I LOVE Rainbow Loom!!!!!!!!!!:)I made up a bracelet called the zebra.

olivia says:

I love the rainbow loom it is so awesome and cool I love it

Fernamda C. says:

I am a loomer and I would like to know about the classes. Are they classes in a group or just one person and what type of material would be learned? I’ve been looming for a while now and I’ve passed the expert level in the Rainbow Loom Training. For my level what would be taught? Thanks.

Learning Express says:

Class offerings differ from store to store. Check with your local store to find out more about their lessons and classes.

Kitty121234 says:

I love rainbow loom

Libby says:

I love the rainbow loom so much

Claire says:

I have made LOTS of rainbow loom
1. Single
2. Raindrop
3. Fishtail
4. Starburst
5. Charms

trevonnia says:


Rainbowloom fans says:

I have the kit and I do many bracelets do you

Aakash says:

I iove it to much

Aakash says:

I love it!

Leigh says:


bob the builder says:

i like rainbow loom

Aaliyah says:

I will like the organizer im a pro #yeuah

Fantastic518 says:

I need super cool designs to impress my friends

nicki says:

i love the rl

:))))))))))))skylar says:

MY baby is haapy:)

Natalia says:

I love the rainbow loom.i know almost every bracelet!!!!!!!!

Princess Ariel says:

I do rainbow loom because one of my favorite girls got me one

Shauna says:

I love looming it is awesupamazing.

Shauna says:

I love looming.

jacquilin says:

it is cool?

victoria says:

yes rainbow loom is fun to make and its cool!

Mya says:

Love them to

Alexander says:

It is a awesome thing to do if you like fashion or need money

rainbowgirlpro says:

Totally I made a lot of money then I buy some more rubber bands. P.S my name is Tiffany.

trevonnia says:


valeria says:

omg i love it my dad give it tome and i love it

rainbow mom says:

Rainbow Loom is so fun for kids . My ten year old boy is in love with this stuff and i never saw him do something else ever since it came out .

Nicole says:

RAINBOW LOOMS is the best thing ever

Nicole says:

Amazing enjoy rainbow looms there will never be a bad commet about rainbow loom .there noting wrong with. It and it great go ahead east your money on it it won’t hurt u will love it and enjoy it thank u

Abby says:

I love rainbow loom

Fanitsa says:

Hey guys I’m sometimes blocked on what to make. I can make a lot of things, I’ve made charms, phone cases, bracelets, etc So My point is can you put a list of items you can make with rainbow loom!. Thank You

Learning Express says:

There are some great ideas and examples submitted by other customers. Check out the customer creations.

Aricka says:


Jack says:

I have the starburst

Amanda Anderson says:

I concur with the previous comment. We bought two looms with refills so the rubber band experience can last a long time. Of all the toy crazes and products the Rainbow Loom teaches children, both boys and girls, a wide variety of skills. Some of which are patience, eye/hand coordination, following instructions, experiencing the idea of a loom that happens to be a lost art to people today, making items that can be given as presents/gifts to others, and so much more. You guys hit the nail on the head in getting kids back into crafts and away from the video games. Thank you very much. My girls enjoy this more than dolls.

Hannah says:


Jamie Nicoletti says:

I love rainbow lom

victoria says:

rainbow loom is so awesome! I love rainbow loom

alexandra says:

I love the rainbow loom it is so awsome I know how to do a flower with the loom it is so cool

amirrah says:

i really love making bracelets with the rainbow loom it takes time tho

tiana says:

rainbow loom is so cool

adryan says:

I love rainbow loom i have like twelve bags i can’t stop making bracelet and neklis i jusit made an arm Ring

crystal kim says:

i love rainbow loom i made everything on the list of levels

Namari says:

So fun to use it took me a while to get the hang of it

madison julie medina says:


Kiara says:

I realy want to go to classes for fun cuz I know how to do mainly everybracley

anita says:

I just startedthis less than a month ago and im already on an intermidate to expert level

Chris says:

I’ve made so many bracelets ike the starburst,ladder,hexafish,sailors pinstripe and lots more i like this so much for the boys that thinks this is for girls its not !!!!!!!!!! =)=)=)=)=)

Chris says:

i want to learn all the experts. i barely bought my rainbow loom and im already an expert

Gwenyth says:

I’m a expert and I entered to win the organizing kit!:)

Isabella says:

I love rainbow loom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abigail says:


katylin says:

the learning express has everything for rainbow loom my daughter loves going there and such low prices thank you learning express !

alivia says:

I would really love that set

bryanne says:

I love RAINBOW loom and I’m a crazy loomer

Alllan Zalewski says:

This is a really cool site to visit and reference to.for my rainbow loom. Thank you.



Isabella says:

I swear I couldn’t tell you how awesome rainbow loom is. I made 100$ at the beach making bracelets. Definitely recommend this

mia says:

i love rainbow loom

Ava Youngs says:

I just love learning express. I think the rainbow loom idea is great.But could you make the rainbow loom charms less money.


stephan says:

Rainbow loom are fun because everybody like them in Brooklyn

stephan says:

Rainbow loom are fun because they like to make them

madison says:

love rainbow looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cam says:

I would really love to win please please I don’t have a loom! Thank you!

Sara says:

I started looming last year and I still love looking forward to coming home to loom!! It keeps me busy and it’s so much fun!!!

Brylee says:

Most awsomeness thing ever

CASSIE :) says:


Katy Bach says:

Who will sort my rubber bands

Corina says:

I love your rainbow looms

Emily says:

I love Rainbow Loom! It’s so easy, and there is tons of stuff you can make with just one loom!!;)
:D :) :-) ;-) :]

Fatima Siddiqui says:

Do u ever get coupons on ur rainbow loom kit?

Yyissel says:

The rainbow loom is great :) i love it

Yissel says:

The rainbow loom is grate:) i love it

Janette rosendo says:

I love rainbow loom I need a case I had one but it burned in a fire

dan renyolds says:

my favortie color of bands is cean blue jelly:)

Ma. Cecilia D. Uy says:

I wanna learn more bracelets

telijah says:

I love rainbow

Valentina says:

I love Rainbow loom ,and I’ve been looking for more official Rainbow Loom rubber bands but the prices A nine year old girl can not work with. I’ve also have been trying to find as many free offerings and I never win. Plzzzzz help me get some free or not so $ rubber bands.<3 :)

mary says:

Do u sell the new upgraded kit?

Learning Express says:

We do have the new upgraded kit Mary, we also have the new Monster Tail Loom and metal hooks.

Sarah Saenz says:

I think this is a great toy!

emily says:

I love the new monster tail and the metal hooks they are really helpful for making things

emily says:

this product is so awesome

Allie says:

Do you guys have the new stuff for rl

Learning Express says:

We sure do! The new Monster Tail loom and Metal Hooks are in, available at Learning Express!

Adriana says:

I love the rainbow loom and i have made over hundred bracelets

loomlover says:

i love loom
so far I made a phone case
a few necklaces
flowers, butterfly, and lotss of bracelets


I’m love making the bracelets it is so much fun.

Elizabeth says:

I want onw

zyeria says:

i luv it

zyeria says:

so awe .

loomer says:


loomer says:

so lovely

gji305 says:

do you sell monster tail rainbowloom?

Learning Express says:

We do have the new Monster Tail Loom kits, as well as the new metal hooks.

loomer says:

kids will love the rainbow loom kit like i do because it is so fun to play with and make new things with also it is the best thing for kids

Perla says:

I just want to know how to do the moustache and charms I only know how to do the fishtail and single

emily says:

I made a monke!Thank you to ashley at the learing express in naperville

Soumilikar says:

Where is this store located???

Learning Express says:

We have 130 locations nationwide.

Joshuwa11Dino says:

I made 16 rainbowloom bracelets rainbowloom is an awsome thing to do

kaitlin says:

I really want the loom because it seems very very good
My freind has got it and she and he say it is simpal and easy. They were amazed so if I was you I would get it as soon as possible
Thank you so much

celia says:

i think there should be pearled rubber bands

ella says:

But i do have rainbow loom and i have a lot of bands and the metal hook. Reply to me if you have the metal hook and if you do what color. Mine is blue.

alayna says:

I have only a rainbow loom , rubber bands, a hook ,and 6 cases of bands

Gennie says:

i really want a metal hook in the color blue

Courtney says:

Rainbow loom is the best thing ever. It can be easy and hard. But i would hogham reccomend it because of the about of gifts u can make and evan stuff for yourself. Me myself would say get LOOMANAYIC !!!

Anya Marin Rey says:

btw i love rainbow loom

Erin says:

I’m a bomb witch will boom loom I love it I can’t stop

Angie says:

I love rainbow loom it’s amazing and it’s super duper fun

Angie says:

Love rainbow loom

Freedom says:

Omg I love rainbow loom I make like every day I want everything

Ashley says:

I love rainbow loom with all my heart. I love rainbow loom with all my heart but sometimes it can get very expencive.Are there any discounts for rainbow loom.

reagan says:

I love rainbow loom I do it every day

Skye says:

The rainbow loom is awesome I love it

Julia says:

Are you having any free rainbow loom giveaways if so tell me plz by the way rainbow loom is the best

seth says:

i’ve mabe up a few bracelets. and one is a little tough. but the RAINBOW LOOM is the BEST thing in all of HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seth says:

ALSO I LIKE THE NEW METAL HOOK AND MONSTER TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L-O-V-E I-T

Genevieve Petrara says:

i am obsessed with rainbow loom:):) i am begging my mom for a metal tipped hook because mine broke:(:(

Gennie says:

OMG don’t know how much i love rainbow loom made a list of rubber bands and items that i need:D:D

Ashli says:

Rainbow loom rules!!!



Victoria says:

Rainbow loom best thing in the world I can just do it all day when I’m board. You never get bored of it it’s true.

Victoria says:

Rainbow loom best thing in the world OMG you never get bored of it I’m tellen you. It’s amazing or shall I say beautiful.

Adaobi says:

I love rainbow loom you should bring lots to the store

mary joyce says:

I love looms &.I don’t. Waste

Jeannette says:

I love rainbow loom because you can also make your braslet


I Love RainbowLoom!!!!!!

batgirl6337 says:

I can make little figureans out of rainbow loom . boo ya suckers

Rukiyya says:

i love rainbow looms
made like loads of these bracelets and im trying to learn how to make different types such as the dragon scale.etc

Giggles says:

I love making the charms

Noreen grace Bacolor says:

I like loom bands. But I have no rainbowloomkit ! :(

Maegan says:


camie says:

I love rainbow loom it is the best!!!!!!!!!! COULD YOU MAKE A IPHONE CASE? I CAN!!!!!!!!$$$$$$

Kayla Reyes says:

i really want a rainbow loom because its just so cool i have very little rubber bands i dont have a loom and i still watch the vids on youtube becuase when i watch them i get very excited to hopefully some day make one… but either way if i dont win i will still be happy becuase i will still have the hopes to get a rainbow loom! where i live you cant get a rainbow loom so i decided to enter this giveaway :) thanks for reading this if you do! good luck to everyone!

emma green says:

wow you really want rainbow loom.

skylar says:

cool it is hard to stop and make more bracelets i know how to do all of then!

emma green says:

me too.

Lauren says:

rainbow loom is so much fun.

Tahlia says:

OMG I love the rainbow :) it is the best thing in the world I wish I had thought of making it cause who ever made must be making stacks of money lol !!!!!!!!!! :) :D

LoomD says:

the rainbow loom is very good in son and daughter both have 2 each and they love it.they have A LOT of rubber bands but let let them buy as much as they like because it is so cheap

Alexis says:

I love the rainbow loom!!! it’s so fun to make charms and other stuff with it.

Katelyn mingee says:

I ❤️ rainbow loom it’s so fun and awesome!!!

Abby says:

Is all the rainbow loom stuff here the real brand ?

Learning Express says:

Yes Abby, we buy our Rainbow Looms from the original creator, Choon Designs LLC.

Madison pettis 22 says:

I have not been there But I am going on Saturday morning and I am extended

Madison pettis 22 says:

I love this store I most go for Rainbow loom

emma green says:

Me to.

Rita says:

I can’t live with out rainbow loom like omg

tristan says:

i love rainbow loom. i use it a lot. if you like rainbow loom your cool because its fun and keeps me entertained

Rita says:

I love rainbow loom I have every thing

Dezstiny La'shay Reena Davis says:

I love rainbow loom I make bracelets all day long

Josette Baldacchino says:

Hiya I’m just wondering – does the loom kit include the actual tray that you place the bands on? You know so that its easier to make the bracelets etc… Thanks

Josette Baldacchino says:

Hiya I’m just wondering – does the loom kit include the actual tray that you place the bands on? You know so that its easier to make the bracelets etc… Its for my grandaughter and she needs a larger one. Thanks

Learning Express says:

Yes, the loom kit does include the pegboard for laying out the bands. It also has the hook and enough rubber bands to get you started.

emma green says:

I’m like the rainbow loom expert and it is so cool. i can make so many bracelets and charms.

Sophia Jo says:

I love rainbow loom sooooooo much if I had $1,000, I would spend it all on rainbow loom

Henry says:

The rainbow loom is awesome ;)

Maria Fong says:

I would love to have a look .Rainbow loom is better than Cra-z-loom

nhina says:

Rainbow loom is very cool :) ;)
Love it

faith austin says:

i love the loom it rocks

faith austin says:

i love all of the rainbow loom products its so easy to make bracelets

Zena says:

rainbow loom is amazing I love making hexafish bands but they are really hard

alyssa cupcake says:

I love the rainbow loom.I can sit down all day and make bracelets.I have taught family to make bracelets to..

marisol says:

I always wanted to get the rainbow loom and bands

bricia says:

Just need credit card to be the happiest 1

charlotte says:

I love rainbow looms there so fun to make do you know any pretty and easy bracelets please

Megan says:

i love rainbow loom so much i made lots of stuff out of them

Caitlyn says:

The Rambow Loom is pretty cool you can make really cool bracelets and it a good product to sell me and my friends all the my friend make

Annabelle says:

Oh my god i doant like loom I love loom

Hannah brown says:

I luv this product I wish I had on my friends let me use there’s

emma green says:

rainbow loom is the best!!!!!!!!!!

emma green says:

I REALLY NEED MORE BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meme says:

I can make rainbow loom people



Snoopy says:

I love the rainbow loom and the monster tail!! I have invented two bracelets!!!

Snoopy says:

i love the rainbow loom and monster tail!! I have invented two bracelets!!

charlotte says:

How do you do railroad tracks its hard

im skyler says:

Hi i love the rainbow loom! its so much fun to play with a make bracelets and cute charms. there are so many things to make its endless! im a advanced level on the rainbow loom. the bands are very enespensive to buy! The Rainbow Loom Webstore bands are only 2.50 for any pack. except for the Limited Edition Bands. They are about 4.50. I would most defintely buy this! 100 stars!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Choons Design for this amazing product! PS I am a kid. :)

Natalie higdon says:

The rainbow loom is awesome I have almost made every bracelet

kiziMaria Barron says:

I want a ranbow loom

kylee says:

I would love to have one sent to me for my daughter

Jasmine says:

I love rainbow loom yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!

allie says:

loom is life

Paulina says:

I am advanced level i know how to do any kind of charm and bracelet

Michelle says:


sarah says:

I love rainbow loom qnd thank you for the rainbow loom

Kelewina says:

I love rainbow loom. It’s a great way to entertain yourself.

Rebecca O'Reilly says:

I love the rainbow loom becuase one of roommates started the rainbow loom and i have the containers and orgaziners.

connor says:

I even like rainbow loom

dan says:

my parents said its just for girls so they didn’t buy me. what should i do? I really want to try the rainbow loom thing sob sob

david says:

its okay Dan, as long as you don’t disobey your parents

karima says:

I live in London and rainbow loom has become an enormous hit here everyone at school wears them and in class we trade them with eachother or buy them after school. I love Rainbow Loom!!!!

karima says:

I live in London and I love Rainbow Loom!!!!

david says:

should any one help dan

Carlos Cifuentes says:

I like lern rainbow

beatriz says:

i love raimbow loom … my old friend

Amanda says:

I just learned how to do the cross dot braclet!

gloria sylverna anak kerry says:

i like this rainbow loom

Calista says:

Rainbow Loom is like the BOMB!

Janelle says:

I want a rainbow loom job

keeghan says:

i love looming i wanna make them till i die

carla says:

i love rainbow loom so much

tangie brown says:

i really LOVE this device because it is challenging and fun at the same time,and also get to make a some new creations and experiment.

Aimee Keegan says:

i love the loom bands, i make them at home all the time they are awsome. i made a triple single but the inside and the outside {not the oval triangle things} are capped.

Caroline says:

Hi my name is Caroline. Rainbow Loom is my life! I buy all my bands from learning express in Atlanta. I go to all the classes I can and I’m pretty good and I’m starting to create my own designs. Thx caroline

enola says:

really i do to when i heard i went straight away then i moved back here

Caroline says:

Rainbow loom is awesome I get my stuff from learning express in atlanta

Caroline says:

I made a hexafish!!!!!! Looks so cool.

Stephanie Hethcote says:

They are right about this isnt just for kids….im 25 and addicted. I have the rainbow loom and cant wait to make more things. I made a monkey with the rainbow loom and love it!!! Its so cute. Its a lot of fun and cant wait to try this with our kids as well, they will love it!

Celeste says:

I love rainbow loom

sara says:

im getting this loom tomorrow and mabye the case and some rubber bands im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dania Contreras says:

I love so much rainbow loom

faith says:

I have an addiction with loom

alana says:

so cool so many bandds to choose from, thx so much

maena says:

I make rainbow loom bracelets when I have free time

misty scott says:

I enjoy making rainbow loom braclettes, charms, figurines, pencil toppers and the list goes on!!!!!! I LOVEEEEEEE RAINBOW LOOM. It is ok if I dont get picked just wanted to try :)

kala says:

I love rainbow loom

k_nay says:

i have been looming for more than a year

Jaylin says:

Rainbow loom is tje best thing like this I have ever seen

kayla says:

i have 2 looms and i have made so many hings i am about to make a scarf!!!

Helen says:

Rainbowloom is my favorite art thing

amy amy says:

I Love rainbow loom it is very cool

Annika says:

I agree rainbow loom in my fav

skylar says:

love love them

kittiecrazy says:


Grace says:

I love making charms and bracelets for all of my family and friends

Aditya says:

I like a Rainbow Loom…. :D

Asma Nur Asyifa says:

You have a cool website. I realy love rainbowloom but mine broke so now I don’t have any. My bands broke .I hope you give me a rainbowloom set.Thank you♡

Emma says:

I like rainbow loom better then crazy loom

Lea says:

I love rainbow loom because you get to make bracelets

Lea says:

I love rainbow loom so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lea says:

Rainbow loom is the best thing you can ever get.

Rosey says:

This is my future gift for Christmas

allie says:

I love rainbow loom. I have 8 big cases full of bands and i have 15 more full packs.

gwen says:

I have so much rainbow loom things. I have a closet full of bands

Dianna says:

Rainbow loom is the best thing that was ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


People are making SOOOOOOO many copies of Rainbow Loom. They are just riding on the train of victory. They should be kicked off. Rainbow Loom had it first!!!!!

Zahra says:

I cant make with it

Bailey says:

Rainbow loom are very awesome gifts for the holidays and birthday gifts. I have been looking all over for the rainbow loom when I was 8, then I went to Learning Express and found it. I’m just so glad I can count on Learning Express to get rainbow loom exsesries and get books that are for rainbow knowledge.

H.S.Bansal says:

I love making loom bands and it is now my hobby. i need enough looms to make advanced bracelets and why not enough rubberbands.

Loomed says:

Now I know how to make lots of braclets.
I am addicted to it now.

Emma says:

I love Rainbow loom so much, it is my life. I do it 24/7 and I am always looking for new patterns and designs. If you find good designs on youtube, please leave a comment with a link in it so next I know what to make. Thanks!

bloom says:

it is so cool and i have just started

semiyah says:

me too!

semiyah says:

loveee the looms that you make they are so beautiful

Ruby says:

I love RAINBOW loom bracelets

dawnroll says:

I got a rain bow loom I still learning how make get keep falling apart on me

Sammy Stewart says:

I love the rainbow loom bracelet it is the best toy ever how is your day

Rosapink says:

I really like rainbow loom and I also like collecting them

coo lamy says:

I love rainbow loom and it the number 1# thing

cool amy says:


misty challingsworth says:

Our loomer hook broke.Do they sell replacements?

Learning Express says:

Yes we do, most people who need to replace a broken hook will upgrade to the metal hooks sold at Learning Express Toys.

Makenzie Dawn Millard says:

It’s so cool

trinty says:

Rainbow loom is the best!!!!!!

Cierra says:

Rainbow loom is so fun. I got a kit from my grandma and she gave me alot. She said to have and I still have it I do rainbow loom. Before rainbow loom came out who knew we could make bracelets out of rubber bands.


Nell says:

I wish I had all the colours of rainbow loom refill packets I just love it

Janya says:

I love the rainbow loom it is very cool

Janya says:

It cool !
The it rock rainbow loom

Kailey says:

Me and my cousin do rainbow loom together all the time! But I can’t figure out how to do the crocodile.

lorrie says:


lorrie says:

I think learning express is the best way to get the lowest price’s for RAINBOW LOOMS.I LOVE IT A LOT;)

Kaley says:

RAINBOW LOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julian says:

Love rainbow loom such a awesome way to make bracelets

Natalia says:

Braslets easy, try to make DRAGONS!!
Toothless seashocker and many others!

Valentina says:

I love the rainbow loom I’m obsessed with making charms !!!!

Josh (Begginer Loomer) says:


I can make banana’s with 2 forks,
I can make triple fishtails
fishtails (mini loom)
single chain

Vanessa says:

Can I have free loom cause my mom won’t get me one so can you guess give me one kit

Bailee says:

I want royal blue raibow loom rubber bands

Margaret moreland says:

I like a catalog

illeanna says:

I love rainbow loom is cool

megan says:

me too I love the way they make it

Mandy Dietman says:

I love the rainbow loom and i would live to be able to try now looms out i also love the rainbow loom collections

rosa says:

hi I love rainbow loom

gabriela says:

I love to knit and the camp is very cool

Avia says:

I love my rainbow loom set and I got it for my birthday

kaya says:

i love the rainbow loom so much that i make 10 a day or more

kaya says:

rainbow loom so awsome

Beesan says:

I LOVE IT!!! I can’t believe you sell it.Hey, guys and galls isin’t it unbelievable this store is selling rainbow loom and rubber bands? I LOVE IT!

Cynthia says:

My eight year old daughter is about to throw a temper, trying to learn how to make the starburst. We will definitely be looking for some classes.

rochelle says:

i love the loom have kits allot of them :) ))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:))))))))))))skylar says:

i love rainbow loom

Anisha says:

I LUV rainbow loom! I just need more bands!!!!

gloria sylverna anak kerry says:

i want all rainbow loom

Nalanie says:

I agree with you!!!

Learning Express says:

Cynthia, if you are looking for classes then look no further than your local Learning Express. We offer classes for beginners and experts.

Vicki says:

Watch all the “how to” videos on YouTube if you can…that’s how we learned.

Caroline says:

Hi Cynthia the classes really helped me a lot. I hope your little girl succeeds at her starburst!

Learning Express says:

Each store has their own class schedule. Find your local store’s page, their class schedule should be listed on the left side of the page. If it’s not there just give them a call and they’ll let you know when they’re holding classes.