Top Toy Review: The Rainbow Loom

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This week we have a brand new guest blogger – Daughtry King. Daughtry is an assistant manager at our Alpharetta store and is here today to chat about the Rainbow Loom. Enjoy!




Hi Readers,

If someone had told me last July that a kit containing a plastic loom, rubber bands, and a hook rainbow
would be wildly popular, I can confidently say I probably would not have believed them. But here I stand today, a proud Rainbow Loom devotee—ready and willing like any of my fellow staff members to tell everyone and anyone about the benefits of Rainbow Loom. The excitement that this fabulous, creative, and inventive craft has caused not only for our customers but also for our staff is something unique and wonderful to experience on a day-to-day basis.

When we first received the looms here at the Alpharetta store we started small, showing each child who came in how to make a basic bracelet with the loom. Soon all the staff members were itching to take one home and see who could make the most complicated design to show off the next day. Individual lessons soon turned into classes, and with that our store was filled with kids of all ages (with arms full of bracelets) anxious to learn the next new, exciting pattern!

rainbowloom3With the Rainbow Loom the fun possibilities really are endless. Kids join us for weekly classes, participate in design contests, and are even using the bracelets for school projects. Most recently, we held an in-store event for one of our customers, a sweet 6-year-old girl named Kallyn. Kallyn has Crohn’s disease, and she and her family are walking to support the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation. We held a twist-a-thon at the store where we supplied blue and orange Bandz (Kallyn’s team colors) for people to come and make bracelets for those who have sponsored and will walk with her on June 1st, 2013! Our Twist for a Cause event was a great success, and Kallyn ended up with more than enough bracelets for all of her walkers.

I love to see how kids light up when they get creative with the Rainbow Loom in our store, and I definitely can’t wait to see what new designs Learning Express customers all over the country will come up with in the months to come!

- Daughtry King

Learning Express, Alpharetta, Georgia

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Rachael says:

Hey, is there any rainbow looms in the store in the Geneva Commons, IL?

Christine Kennedy says:

Can the rainbow loom be purchased on line???

AJ says:

yes it can

Mady says:

yes but not on this specific website there are many places you can order it from online other than here.

david says:

if only I had a rainbow loom kit

Alyssa says:

I want one

cylia jones says:

the rainbow loom kit is one of the best rubber band bracelete kit in the world i love the bracletes i can make with them. thank you for inventing the rainbow loom kit

Ella says:

Al my friends have the rainbow loom but me. I really want one and to all ya’ll people: Thanks for inventing this loom. I seriously can’t wait to get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney says:

I love rainbow loom I got it 2 days ago and I already used up all the c-clips

Hannah Pacheco says:

I got it yesterday and I finished all the clips and all the rubber bands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Analeise says:

get refils. its about 4 dollars for 500 multicolored bandz.

Miah says:

my daughter loves these things. but she eats the plastic things.

lo lo hopsAlot says:

your daughter id my idol.

Kaleigh says:

Can you buy this in stores or online

Yah!;) says:

What’s the price????:(

Adriana says:

the price is 16.99

mary catherine lykins says:

the price is 15-20 dollars

Sofie says:

I cant wait teal my rainbow loom comes i am only 9 and evey day I watch all my freinds do it and i am adightaded to get it! lol

Riley says:

I love rainbow loom too!!!!!!

emely says:

i always wanted ons but i dint live in fort lauderdale i live in miami florida i was going to every website walmart target toys r us and muchaels but none of them had rainbow loom so i am sad so learning express please donate one for me and i will pay later

Diana says:

Learning Express is in Miami it is in Pinecrest next to Yogurtland.

Samantha says:

Hi! I have the Rainbow Loom kit and i would like to know if the Rainbow Loom cases were in, are there any new colors that came in, and i would like to know if there would be anymore Rainbow Loom classes, and if there are, please tell me the schedule beginner classes!

Thank you!

megan says:

i am getting it

Paige says:

These bracelets are going viral at my school!!!

Kate Mcardle says:

There going viral at my school to!!!!”

Kelsey says:

Me too!

Hossamisboss says:

Mine too

Riley says:

My school to

Natalia says:


gabriel says:

for me

genevieve says:

i really want to have loom and my friends lindsey and avery have like who knows maybe 20 i really wish i could have this pack

Kamryn says:

Rainbow loom is AWESOME!!!!!!

Nicole says:

Do you sell them online?

Nicole says:

I’m dead serious please tell me you sell them online

Kayla says:

I love the bracelets!! Everybody I know has them and so will I!!!

adam says:

how do you get them

Gavin says:

You have to go to a local learning express and purchase them

robert says:

i love rainbow loom s the a are so fun

sara says:

how much is it

sara says:

it is awesome

Oil says:

So cool! I want a kit soooooooo bad!

tanetrawitherspoon says:

I have been waiting to find this

Sera says:

Are there anymore left?

Jennifer Marichal says:

Wow I got my daughter one and she loves she’s plays with it a lot she can’t wait to go get more rubber bands learning express rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amelia says:

How much are they???

Gavin says:

I’m getting mine today

Erica says:

I love rainbow loom

Erica says:

are they at the store , I WANNA BUY THEM I ordered them online but they are taking forever so I would like them NOW I mean really !!!

Kate Mcardle says:

Your rainbow loom kit gives me something to do for those 365 days in my life

liz says:

i searching for it for my daughter she is dieing to get them

Hanna says:

Hi. I was looking for a rainbow loom kit but I can’t seem to find it on here. My dad is taking me to the learning express but I can’t tell if they have it or not.

lily says:

i can’t find any rainbow looms?

eliza says:

look on learning express

julia says:

rainbow loom is awesome i got it when it came out and today i was just organizing it

Nicole Graumann says:

Other than the booklet that came with the kit, where can I find instructions to make double, triple braclets and other items?

Thank you ,


scarlet says:

you could go to youtube

iron man says:

How do u make different kinds of bracelets

maddy says:

my friend said that ya’ll do designs on the box for free if you get it is tat true

Taylor says:

yes it can be personalized

maddy says:

because am dieing to get a rainbow loom kit please respon back i am dieing to get one

Isabelle says:

How much does the Rainbow Loom coast

Taylor says:

Can you tell me more about the National Rainbow Loom Contest?? I might be entering!! Woo hoo hooray for rainbow loom! It’s awesome!!

Sydney says:

Will you have anymore of the rainbow loom kits in on monday?

Kendall says:

I want another

Dean says:

How much is the rainbow loom and do you have any more in stores

Dean says:

How much is the rainbow loom

Sumayya says:

I wish I had the rainbow loom kit but I am getting it

Kathleen says:

They are 16.99 $. How many of the rubber bands come?

Kathleen says:

I really want the rainbow looms my wants it but my dad doesn’t :(

Ranyia Walters says:

I wish I had an rainbow loom kit :(

Sean says:

Great product

Alyssa says:

how much are those

eliza says:

rainbow looms rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can make all different kinds of bracelets!!!!!

rose says:

is there a learning express in Pa??…please help!!

Ben says:

How much does the customizer kit cost?

skylar says:

i realy like rainbow loom i got it for my birthday and i have 2 arms full of rainbow loom

jack says:

these are REALLY popular in fact im wearing one right now

georgia says:

how much are they????

Samantha says:

Hi. I love my rainbow loom. The second I get home I grab it. I have made so many different designs. They are so cool!! I was thinking it would be cool to have different colored glow in the dark rubber bands, sparkly rubber bands, and tye dye rubber bands. Just a suggestion!!!

Your customer,

Samantha says:

Also who won the most patriotic rainbow loom bracelet contest? My friend entered and wants to know if she won or not.

Abby says:

The rainbow loom is an AWESOME invention And I had just purchased mine yesterday night and have already made 13 bracelets for my mom an brother… That definitely tells you something! I ha came into the store the next day and my brother had picked out three charms and 2 packs of bands!! It’s amazing how popular they are!!

glenn says:


Jorden Douglas says:

You got that right

Kate says:

I love rainbow loom I love the rings anyone want one?:-)

Lilly Heder says:


tamia says:

what”s price

stephanie cuadros says:

rainbow loom brecelets are the best ever in the world I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

lily says:

do you run out a lot

Alyssa says:

How much money is if you get the collection case ?

phyllis hess says:

would like to receive a catalog

Ellycolon says:

They are awesome

Lilly Heder says:

How much is the rainbow loom rubber band holder not the kit but the thing to keep them in?

Michaela says:

I don’t like rainbow looms I LOVE rainbow looms

Jorden Douglas says:


nick says:

rainbow loom rocks!

Minecraft player says:

Every one at my camp has them a person at my camp gave me a fish tail

bree says:

i luv my loom

sebastian says:

Hey, is there a learning express in Norwalk, CT.

Kristine Smith says:

where can you get the container for the loom and the rubber bands ?

Olivia Sperber says:

I love the rainbow loom on the third day I had it I was out of all of the rubber bands and c-clips!

Marissa says:

Wow, you must really love it then!

Louise&whitney says:

Are there any rainbow looms in Arkansas ?.

Marissa says:

As long as it’s sold in Learning Express, then yes it is. :)

sierra says:

how much for the rainbow looms kit?

Mikaela says:

I don’t like my rainbow loom……………. I LOVE IT

Melanie says:

Same here!I LOVE RAINBOW LOOM!!!!¡¡¡¡

Isabella says:

Where do u learn how to make them

Marissa says:

On YouTube of course..

Maria says:

This is to: Rachel
You can learn how to make rainbow looms on YouTube. Just type in rainbow loom tutorial. There will be videos of how I make them with the rainbow loom maker and without. You can close up the the rainbow loom with a c clip or tie it together as directed in the video. Hope it helped. :)

Jess says:

I love the rainbow loom best invention ever I’m all ready out of rubber bands and I got it last night

Marissa Bonilla says:

The Rainbow Loom is a really addicting toy. You can make all kinds of bracelets, and you can sell them yourself. Pick your colors, and customize your very own bracelet! This is definetly worth the money I paid for.

Anita Moten says:

I love the rainbow loom I worked at a summer camp my girl students brought in the loom and made bracelets for my coworkers and myself I feel in love with them I am going to order a kit for myself I work with the after school program at my school it will be a great craft for my class.

Anita Moten says:

I want to order the kit one kit is 14.99 it said mini loom I want to make the bracelets is that the size I need or do I need the 16.99 kit what is the difference .can any one help me that has ordered a kit?

Melanie says:

Anita ,
The Mini Loom is a tiny blue thing,it’s basiclly two pegs.Get the the 16.99 one.
Hope I helped!

grace says:

i have a kit

joclyn says:

do you guys sell kits

Terri Konst says:

We are having trouble getting the plastic dividers to fit in the box. Any suggestions? We have bent them, twisted and even trimmed with scissors.
Do you sell the blue tip that goes on the hook?

Maya says:

what do you mean by you cant put the clips in the box???? Just buy one of the actual holders for the rubber bands and stuff… And with the blue thing that goes on the top it comes with it if you haven’t noticed

haily says:

i could make a fishtail… its so easy

Maggy says:

Yes they do

MK says:

where can you get the carrying case that’s just the holder no bands or the actual loom?

Lizzie Hefner says:

Ever since the rainbow loom came out I have really wanted them I have been selling braclets so I have the money to buy them.

haily says:

i have a kit

Maggy says:

When are the lessons

alexis says:

how much is it??

j hammond says:

For my grandaughter can or do you have a purple box that stores the loom and bands? Would you put me on your list when they come in…….Please!

Taylor says:

i want 1 sooo bad!

Claire says:

OMG! This is awesome. I got a pack. But I want the full pack
Do u know if u sell it it learning express. Cuz everybody has it but me it stinks. So please do u have the full kit. If so how much does it cost cuz I’m dieing for one. Follow my rainbow loom account @bf_loomers so that’s it so please help me out

Claire says:

Or do they sell the pack with the dividers

Anthony says:

How much does rainbow loom the kit cost in Long Island, NY?

Chris says:

How much is the rainbow loom organizer

Sandy says:

I want to give a gift for a six year old. Sounds like this age can do the basic or simple bracelets even thought the producers recommend age eight years plus. Does everyone agree about younger ages? What colors are most popular with kids who are making these bracelets?

Riley says:

How much are they

yourmama says:

can you buy the c-clips sepratle

Christian says:

Got it today i have s clips and c clips and cant wait till my teal,fuchia,noen green,and multi colored

Briza says:

I’m about to order it!!

Alex says:

We do you open

vari says:

i just wanted to know if there were any rainbow loom cases and the 600 rubber bands that come with online and please tell me how much it would cost for just the case and the rubber bands

Andreana Lanpouthakoun says:

Is there the extra large rainbow loom in Lake Zurick, IL

Jaxon says:

the rainbow loom kits are awesome. One of my friends told me about them and i got a kit. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel says:

All my friends had it I didn’t no what it was and then I saw the bracelets then bam there cool and fashionable

Elena says:

How much are the rainbow loom cases with your name on it
**EDITOR’S NOTE: We sell different cases at our stores, so prices may vary. It is available for personalization, which is free at Learning Express!

Abbie Hitt says:

It is very easy to do

gabriella says:

thank you i have been waiting for the rainbow looms my whole life.

gabriella says:

today will be the best day ever if you were here rainbow looms.

kayla says:

I wish I could win a rainbow loom kit somehow

Sarah hoffer says:

Hi umm Kayla just.., go buy a loom there not like .OH MY GOSH 1,000,000,000 they are only $20 for a loom hook and 600 multi colored rubber bands

Jessie Mollsen says:

Love it

Jordi says:

How do you get the card to mark off all the rainbow looms you’ve done???

Learning Express says:

The cards are available at a Learning Express store, we also have classes to help you learn.

Tyra says:

I love the rainbow loom my school is over flowing with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can`t wait to get one.

cameron says:

i love the rainbow loom kit at first all of my friends had them and i didnt know what they were and i thought they were stupid then i got one then i thought they were the greatest thing in the world i love them know thanks for making them guys it is awsome

alana says:

I am four and i have it

Kristen says:

I have the case and the rainbow loom and the refill but soon I have to get more red yellow and purple
The learning express is ALSOME

Marceds says:

I love looms my favorite color is the sparkle purple

Angel says:

I love it I want thaks for inventing this(: it is awsomr

Angel says:

It’s the best it is awsome trust me!!!!!

Iris says:

I was the FIRST at my school to bring in rainbow loom braclets and earings. I do get kinda jealous when people take my ideas or copy me. So, when I brought the easiest rainbow loom braclet in everyone was like ” wow those look cool, teach me? “

Iris says:

The first rainbow loom I made was a dovetail, a couple days ago I learned the starburst

ranyia2cute says:

I finally got what I wanted hello pepole wear them as neakalasses land dont get me wrong but the
teachers wear them too <3

maria says:

My kids are making so many bracelets.They are having so much fun!

Sarah hoffer says:

Yep I took a class with a worker kylee she is very sweet in reno nv! I recommend her as a teacher!!

Bailey Back Flip says:

Okay. Seiriously. These things are so popular.
I mean, I’m om a gymnastics team
With like 11 or 12 other girls
And everyone on it has a rainbow loom
Exept Kendra, she has a fun loom
Cause she didn’t know how to get a rainbow loom.
And one other girl, Audrey, she just

Buys the band’s and does single
Chains on her fingers.

These things are wildly popular.
I have three looms lol (: and
Since the first day

amanda says:

this look good i need help on making more braceltes

Emily Ford says:

I want to come in and make Rainbow loom bracelets

Olivia says:

I bought rainbow loom about a year or two ago and I have to say that it’s the best thing that anyone has ever invented.i love it I just got some new colors and pre-orders a new hook and got a new case. My friend has a rainbow loom and I see her come in to school with a new rainbow loom bracelet every day. PS: at learning express
They are having classes to start a new activity with lanered the classes r on Sunday. SO if any one wants to go just go and learn how to become a expert on that just like on rainbow loom

Olivia says:

I bought rainbow loom about a year or two ago and I have to say that it’s the best thing that anyone has ever invented.i love it I just got some new colors and pre-orders a new hook and got a new case. My friend has a rainbow loom and I see her come in to school with a new rainbow loom bracelet every day. PS: at learning express
They are having classes to start a new activity with lanered the classes r on Sunday. SO if any one wants to go just go and learn how to become a expert on that just like on rainbow loom

<3 your fav customer Olivia